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Ministry of the Interior

National Police Force Headquarters

Intelligence Office

Confidential Bureau

Number: 10429/12702

Date: 14 Dey 1323 [4 January 1945]



Ministry of the Interior,

The following is respectfully submitted:

Sheikh Musa Modarres, native of Ardabil, residing in Qom, who, as the collector of the Imam’s share, had gone to Miandoab of Azerbaijan last year and had collected some monies, took advantage of the sermons from the pulpit to encourage people to oppose some of the heads of the departments.

According to the report from the police of Mashhad, he went to Kalat during the current year and introduced himself as the representative of Mujtahid Seyyed Abol-Hasan Isfahani, and by presenting an authoritative letter on his behalf, intended to collect Zakat [religious tax] from the people, the Imam’s share, and Rejection of Oppression. So far, he has collected some sums of money, and has insured and transferred the cash at the post office to the name of a certain person, by the name of Hojjati, who is a resident of Qom.

As it has been heard, previously when he was in Jaz, as a result of using the pulpit and his fiery speeches, he has created conflict between Muslims and Baha’is. Adding to its report, the Mashhad Police Headquarters has instructed the Police of Kalat to issue a warning notice to the aforementioned person, inviting him to return to Mashhad. Police are asking for further instructions.

A copy of the above report is submitted to His Honour the Prime Minister for his knowledge.

Head of the National Police Headquarters,

Brigadier General Seif


[Handwritten note 1:] Number: 2540, date: 19 Bahman 1323 [8 February 1945]

[Handwritten note 2:] Noted.

[Handwritten note 3:] To be archived.