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Ministry of the Interior

Provincial Governor General of the Northern Province

Number: 3516

Date: 12 Shahrivar 1323 [3 September 1944]

Copy: Governorate of Gorgan:




Police Force of Gorgan,

Following letter number 74/254, dated 8 Shahrivar 1323 [30 August 1944], regarding the letter sent on behalf of the (Islamic Committee) against the Baha’is of Gorgan, we inform you that in the opinion of the Governorate, these types of letters are written on behalf of one or two rioters, or those who pretend to be clergy of Gorgan, and introduce themselves as [members of] the Islamic Committee. Through more investigations and interrogations, the writers can be identified and prosecuted. Moreover, warnings should be given to these few Baha’is of Gorgan to avoid distributing papers and religious propagation. In relation to strengthening the police force, it was written to the police station that they always maintain a sufficient number of gendarmes in the city, who may assist in times of necessity.


The Governor of Gorgan, Khosravi


Copy and the copy of the attachment are sent for the attention of the Provincial Governor General of the Second Province


The Governor of Gorgan, Khosravi