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In the Name of God, the Destroyer of the Rebellious

(First warning)

To, The perfidious Baha'i elements, spies of international arrogance, treasonous aliens.

Have you assumed that we shall allow the land of Imam-e Zaman to become a safe haven for your vain and meaningless beliefs, conjured up by western colonialism, and, like the pharaonic Pahlavi regime, once again suck the blood of the people and control the nation's economy?

We, the people of Hezbollah, so long as the blood of Imam Hussein runs in our veins, and with the hope of the return of Vali-e Asr (May God Hasten His Blessed Return) in our minds, shall not allow the fifth columnist enemies of Islam and Muslims to arise and render asunder our Islamic and Iranian principles and identity.

We have made numerous appeals to the authorities to stop your treasonous plot, but it appears that they are bereft of hearing ears.  However, adhering to the principle of  'to promote virtue and prevent vice,' and according to the exhortations of the Most Great Prophet, who commands, "Ye are all shepherds and ye are all responsible," we shall not be deterred from our main duty.

Should you respect our warning, all will be well; otherwise, await the next phase.

People of Hezbollah


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