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In the Name of God [Arabic verse][1]

Regime is Thinking of Another Plot

Some Parts of the Message of the Subordinate Imam Esteemed Ayatollah Khomeini

No one has the right to show opposition to the Jewish people who live in Iran. They are protected by Islam and Muslims; the same [is true] with Christians (those who have official religions) … Recently they have opposed the Baha’is, and the government has also opposed them. These people have evil thoughts. Muslims should not pay attention to their evil thoughts.

They want to incite others against Muslims; do not pay any attention. Wherever you see that a government organization is interfering in a matter, you act against them because they have sinister thoughts for you. If Israelis come and want to get oil, it is the duty of all the Muslims to throw them out and kill all of them.

x From the Message of 25 Azar 1357 [16 December 1978] x

The executioner regime is confused; the ascendency of the Islamic movement has frightened it. Therefore, to survive every day, it uses new weapons. Killing and torturing freedom fighters in the corners of torture chambers could not silence the movement.

Showers of bullets from machine guns and the slaughter of unarmed people in the alleys and streets also fanned the fire of the nation’s anger. Therefore, the regime, which observed the reverse effect of this bloodshed and executioner-style behaviour in the nation, found itself under the pressure of the general thoughts of the world population; it turned to tricks and made efforts to stain the face of the movement.

…They burned hundreds of people to tarnish the names of Muslim Mojahedin but they disgraced themselves.

In Kerman, authorities and hired mercenaries with bludgeons in their hands, with the intention to burn the House of God. They burned the Books of God and attacked the people of God in order to give to the people’s movement the appearance of a civil war, but the informed people revealed the regime’s evil intentions.

In Tehran and other cities, [they] started fires with their agents; they wanted to introduce the nation as a group of uninformed [people], in need of protection, but countless [pieces of] evidence showed that these were other cases of the crimes committed by the shah and his allies.

And now the cunning fox of Pahlavi has started different tricks and drawn up another plot. This new plot, which was devised in cooperation with the leaders and organizers of the Baha’i sect, who, for many years were carrying out their colonization plans, [began] in the area of Saadi in Shiraz.

First, by providing large quantities of weapons and ammunition, the regime killed a large number of our Muslim and right-seeking brothers with a few military and non-military Baha’is, and then, taking advantage of the appearance of these events, which were perpetrated by the SAVAK agents, the armed forces and even the army (in disguised clothing) set fire to and looted the previously evacuated houses and centres of the Baha’is so that they could, with the colonial mouthpiece around the world, misrepresent the rightful movement of the Iranian Muslims as revenge towards sects and the disturbance of riots. (But the informed clergymen of Shiraz immediately declared and called these sorts of activities non-Islamic, and confirmed the people’s non-participation in these actions.)

In these events, the leaders of the Baha’i sect, who were the executioners of the plans of international Zionism in this land—together with the regime—played their part in the execution of the conspiracy, thus continuing the plot of their allies. From one side, they continue to stain the pure humanitarian and anti-exploitative face of Islam in the eyes of the world, and from the other side, by creating fear and hate among the uninformed Baha’is, they cause further separation and distance between them and their uprising compatriots as much as possible, and create an anti-national situation in their minds through instructions and false machinations. In this way, the leaders of the sect even have no hesitation in sacrificing a few Baha’is among themselves (who, in the eyes of these organizers, are nothing but worthless tools) and to burn their houses so that they can again start lamentation and citing of their eulogies.

We expect our dear minorities and fellow citizens to be alert and awake, not to let themselves be used as instruments to cause injury to the justice-seeking movement of the Iranian nation, and to know that, as the grand authorities of Islam have mentioned many times, the lives and possessions of the non-Muslims will be under the protection of the Islamic government as long as they are not employed by colonialism.

It is also the duty of every militant Muslim, with the exposure of this plot, and by conveying it to everyone, to prevent the repeat of this filthy plan so that everyone will know that such events happen in other parts of the country, as well as [the fact that there is] evidence of this plan in other cities, including Tehran; it has been found to be the direct responsibility of the blood-sucking regime of Pahlavi, and the Muslim and Mojahedin nation of Iran would never resort to such ugly actions to gain their Islamic rights.

The detested regime should also realize that the magnificent demonstration of the nation of Iranian Muslims, during the days of celebration of Eid al-Fitr, and the observation of Tasu’a and Ashura[2], proved to the entire world its growth in politics and self-possession. With plans such as these, the regime cannot introduce the Iranian people as a nation which has not matured and is in need of a regime with spear points. The time of creating such divisions has passed, and the Iranian nation, due to its own awareness of Islam and under the leadership of the grand scholars of Shia, is advancing in alliance together and with purpose. Victory and exaltation are God’s, desertion and disgrace are void.

((Long live the just Islamic government))

((Students of the University of Shiraz))

((Badr Organization))

We are warning that these crimes are performed by the executioner regime with the cooperation of organizers of the Baha’i leaders, who receive direct orders from international Zionism and fear that the Baha’is may join the movement. Repeated in the cities of Miandoab and Mianeh.



[1] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:

 "القاصم الجبارین"]

[2] [Tasu‘a and Ashura: Commemoration gatherings on ninth and tenth days of Muharram, the day before and the day of the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Husayn]