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The Text of the Statement of a Group of Clergymen of the Khorasan Seminary About the Betrayals of the Iranian Islamic Movement by the Perverse Baha’i Sect

[11 Esfand 1357 - 17 February 1979 [2 March 1979]]


In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Fight in the cause of Allah ‘only’ against those who wage war against you.”[1]

Once again, the hand of deceit and betrayal has emerged through the sleeve of colonialism to drag us into a dangerous valley of division. The thousand-faced enemies of this suffering nation are still resisting with all their might in the path of the Islamic movement. History has shown that taking the enemy lightly and despising him leads to terrible blows that cannot be easily remedied. In the last century, one of our most dangerous religious and national enemies is Baha’ism, which, like termites, has calmly and quietly been attacking our beliefs to destroy the foundations of our religion and nation.

Contrary to how it seems, Baha’ism has always relied on the power and politics of foreigners. This calamity was first imposed on us by the Russian Tsar in order to take away our belief in the last divine Saviour, His Holiness the Mahdi (BPUH), turning our hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow into disappointment, and then, with the help of its mercenaries, [trying to] uproot us. After the Russian Tsar, it was the turn of the British government, which generally considers the protection of minorities as part of its foreign policy, and even selects many of its spies from amongst them. The unwavering support of the Baha’is for Britain in establishing Israel on Palestinian land will permanently exempt them from paying taxes to Israel. In disguise, and under the cover of the false slogan of “non-interference in politics”, they have inflicted the most severe political, religious, cultural and economic damage in Iran and Islam.

“The emergence of Baha’is at the topmost positions of the country’s political authorities is the best evidence of the hypocrisy and betrayal of Baha’i leaders who consider themselves as refraining from politics.”

In recent months, the collusion of Baha’i leaders with the bloodthirsty regime would have led to the massacre of residents of Saadi Village in Shiraz; if it had not been for the vigilance of the religious jurisprudential authorities, this horrific case would have been repeated in several other places in order to discredit the holy Islamic movement in favour of the Israeli and American masters and to use it as an excuse for further killing and intervention by the army.

Now these colonial mercenaries have come to the foreground again with a new appearance, they should know that the mercenaries will no longer be able to deceive the already awakened people. This new mask has taken on the face of oppression. Those who have always been the best believers in international Zionism and the usurper Israel, have now raised the cry of oppression; wherever they could, they have written letters, urging the foreign governments to support and intervene, so that foreigners can rush to their aid again.

The militant Muslim nation of Iran, led by the supreme Shia authorities, especially the great leader Ayatollah Khomeini, will no longer allow the crimes and betrayals of the past 135 years to continue.

Baha’i leaders must know that, just as the unconscionable trick of “non-interference in politics” has failed to deceive militant Muslims, the weapon of false oppression will not work, either.

Yes, the allies of colonialism and Zionism are still on the battlefield with their crocodile tears, and stabbing in the back as usual, but those who are waiting for the reappearance of His Holiness the Mahdi―Descendent of Muhammad―have never been deceived by his enemies and are fighting with all their might for their scientific and logical struggle, and they continue and are convinced that they are going through the last moments of their colonial history.


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Holy Mashhad, dated 2 Rabi ‘ath-Thani 1399 [2 March 1979], a group of clerics of the Khorasan Seminary

[11 Esfand 1357 coinciding with 17 February 1979 [2 March 1979]]




[1] [Quran 2:190] https://quran.com/2