[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Province: Kurdistan, City: Sanandaj.

Yearly report for Level 2, Senior High School: Jamaran, Field of Study: Experimental Science, Educational Year: 1361-1362 [1982-1983]


Miss: Soudabeh Haeri, child of: Jafar, Birth Certificate Number [redacted], place of issue: [redacted]

Date of birth: 29 Khordad [redacted] [19 June]. Place of birth: [redacted].

Minimum mark is Zero and maximum is 20.



[Official stamp of the school]


[Subjects and results for each term are recorded]

[High school’s stamp and note in the margin of the student’s record]

[This form is a transcript of academic documents pertaining to Soudabeh Haeri, in Experimental Science, Level Two of Jamaran Senior High School. She has passed with an average of 16.49/20. In the left hand corner of the page there is a hand written note from the Head of the Department of Education of Sanandaj city, with signature and three stamps.  The note states:]

It is necessary to explain that the above-mentioned individual has been expelled from school due to her engaging in propaganda in favour of Baha’ism.


Director-General, Department of Education, city of Sanandaj – Sedighpour [signature]

[Official stamp] Islamic Republic of Iran

[Official stamp] Department of Education

[Official stamp] Jamaran High School