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Islamic Republic of Iran Justice Administration

The Supreme Council of the Judiciary System

Court of Administrative Justice


Date 136 -----

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In the Name of God

Date of Judgment 15 Aban 1368 [6 November 1989]

File Record 446/68/7

Court Order Number 738/68

Administered by - Branch 7 of the Court of Administrative Justice

Plaintiff – Mrs. Soraya Samimi, daughter of Ziaollah, Address: [redacted]

Defendant - Tobacco Company of Iran

Subject of grievance and claim - Objection to termination of pension and termination of salary

Procedural synopsis - Following registration of the Plaintiff’s complaint in the ledger of the High Court of Administrative Justice, and referral to this branch with the attached records, and the preliminary legal formalities having been met, the hearing was held at the allocated time, and was presided over by the signatory in consultation with Haji Rostami, at which time the file and its contents were examined. The proceedings are concluded and the verdict is as follows:


Verdict of the Court

Mrs. Soraya Samimi, daughter of Ziaollah, has stated in her appeal that her salary was terminated owing to her being a Baha’i; however,  while she admits to having been born [into a] Baha’i [family], she has not stated anything [to indicate that she has recanted her faith]. The Tobacco Company’s response to letter number 43749 – 24 Mordad 1366 [15 August 1987] explains that because of her membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, the provisional reconstructing committees condemned her to indefinite dismissal with no remuneration. As her affiliation with the Baha’is is proven to the satisfaction of the committee, the petitioner’s appeal against the decision of the Human Resources Restructuring Committee is deemed to have no validity, and her appeal is refused. This judgment is final, with no right of appeal in Court/Gh

Head of the Seventh Branch of the Court of Administrative Justice - Seyyed Mahmoud Nourizadeh

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On 18 Farvardin 1368 [7 April 1989] one page judgment