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Ministry of the Interior

Dated: 6/3/1323 [27 May 1944]

[Number: 25]

Extract from Shiraz telegram


Ministry of the Interior


Following [letter] number 2481 and according to letter 2186/ 3190 of the Military Forces of South, some of the heads of Abadeh offices have not remained neutral in the present disturbances and have not cooperated in keeping the peace by Martial Law.  Please warn your employees in Abadeh through your [relevant] Ministries to stay neutral; otherwise they will be reprimanded.


Khajeh Nouri


[Handwritten 1:] Number N/2686 – 9/3/1323 [30 May 1944]

[Handwritten 2:] Records

[Handwritten 3:] Since the record of this matter is in the Political Department, this is sent to that department. [Signature]

[Handwritten 4:] [Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Political Department, number 1936, date: 17/3/1323 [7 June 1944]]