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In the Name of God

To the Esteemed Director of the Iranian Medical Council, Dr. Sheibani,


I, Soltan Tashakkor, respectfully convey that on the night of Sunday, 7 Aban 1362 [29 October 1983], at 11:30, three revolutionary guards, the number of which increased to six, came to our house while we were sleeping, and stated that according to the order of the prosecutor, they should inspect and search the house. We respectfully accepted them. They searched and inspected all parts and corners of the house with special care and curiosity from 11:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. My husband, Dr. Enayatollah Tashakkor, my daughter, and I were sitting in utmost oppression and submission, while we were extremely saddened and surprised by their action, wondering what sin or mistake we had committed.

The brothers from the Revolutionary Guard took with them some Baha’i books, the Holy Quran, some photographs from the camera album, 11,000 tomans in cash, ownership deeds, statements of insurance, [bills for] renovation, taxes, etc., medical doctorate certificate and an ordinary tape recorder, which included all their discoveries in a six-hour period. They also took my husband, Dr. Tashakkor, with them. As I write this letter to you today, it has been a month and three weeks since that night, while my husband is imprisoned in Gonbad-e-Kavus and they have not yet given permission for a visit.

After my husband, Dr. Tashakkor’s, graduation from Shiraz University 26 years ago, we moved to this city when we were both very young. Of course, it was not today’s Gonbad-e Kavus, but the Gonbad-e Kavus of 26 years ago with all its deprivations and lack of facilities. Dr. Tashakkor served these people with sincerity and altruism. He shared the pain and sufferings of the patients. He is respected by people, everyone knows him, he is particularly popular among the patients, [and] he had no desire for wealth or greed for money. Please, [especially], investigate what sort of house Dr. Tashakkor lives in―a house that is devoid of any luxury and [exists] in the utmost simplicity and purity.

I should mention that we are Baha’is and they have imprisoned him because of his belief in the Baha’i Faith. A Baha’i believes in one God, the Almighty God, believes in the Prophets as custodians of religion, including belief in the Prophethood of His Holiness Mohammad and the pure Imams. It has [laws for] obligatory prayer, fasting, holding fast to that which is good and shunning all evil, believes in the life of the soul after death, the realm above, and retribution and punishment in this world and the hereafter.

One of the precepts of the Baha’i Faith in non-interference in political affairs and obedience to the government. Dr. Tashakkor is a man of neither conspiracy nor corruption, nor is he connected to any group or political party, because these have been strictly forbidden in the Baha’i Faith. He [demonstrates] good morals. Good and ordinary people have known Dr. Tashakkor as a Baha’i for many years and they are not concerned about this fact, because the criterion [a person is judged by] is his action.

Anyway, I am no longer allowed to take your precious time, although there is much to say and many heartaches [to share]. Now, at this point in time, when the country is in dire need of doctors, and last week, Grand Ayatollah Khomeini talked about the shortage of doctors and the fact that many of our doctors are abroad and the country needs them, and that if they think for an hour, he [Ayatollah Khomeini] does not believe that their consciences would be willing to [remain] there, albeit with great comfort. Is it seemly that they spend their days and nights in vain and be discouraged and disappointed while many patients need them? Therefore, I ask Your Honour, who is the guardian and defender of the rights of doctors, to pay attention and take the necessary measures through competent authorities to eliminate the misunderstanding and release him.

You are our source of hope. Our well-wishing prayers are with you, and may you be rewarded in this world and the hereafter. It should be mentioned that not only Dr. Tashakkor, but also two other doctors, by the names of Dr. Zekrollah [illegible], a surgeon, and Dr. Faramarz Sanaie, a general practitioner―meaning three Baha’i doctors―are in prison, in similar conditions, the only difference being [illegible] that they are in Gonbad. Of course, the mentioned doctors are ready to make a commitment to identify themselves whenever it is necessary.

I will be utterly grateful if you will inform us of your actions.


With utmost greeting and [illegible] to you,

Soltan Tashakkor


Home address: [redacted]

Telephone number: [redacted]

Date: 27 Azar 1362 [18 December 1983]


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In the Name of God

Dr. Hafizi, a letter to be written


28 Azar 1361 [19 December 1983]