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[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Monday, 17 Mordad 1362 [8 August 1983] – 28 Shawwal 1403

[Issue No.:] 1018

[Page:] 4


Looking at Reasons for Recent Position of Anti-Baha’i Society (Hojjatieh)

How is it possible that, although Baha’is had infiltrated all the government organs of the deposed Mohammad Reza [Shah], the Anti-Baha’i Society was operating freely? The Society previously existed in relation to the Baha’is and was created by the foreigners to neutralize their teaching campaigns; therefore, it is of no use today.

The Politics of Religious Histrionics

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

And when it is said to them, "Do not cause corruption on the earth," they say, "We are but reformers."

The Hojjatieh Society, in a letter addressed to its members, announced the cessation of its meetings and services. The motive behind this note is the statement made by the Imam of the Nation during the blessed Eid al-Fitr …

… History of the Society

Twenty years ago, the Hojjatieh Society was established as an anti-Baha’i society. The goals set for it were confrontation with the propaganda of Baha’is, prevention of the spread of this perverse sect, and salvation of the simple-minded people who fell into the traps set by the Baha’is. But we know that Baha’is had the benefit of the corroboration of the shah’s corrupt regime. A number of famous Baha’is had close contacts with the court of the shah. A few of them were in the cabinet of the time, and one of them was the head of government for years …

… Ayatollah Jannati, in his third question, poses the important issue that the Society’s function in the past with regard to the Baha’is was disclosing this party, which had been created by the foreigners, and neutralizing their propaganda; therefore, it is of no use today. So what is the Society’s mission today? …

… “Just as in the past, that Zionist Baha’i sect had [been widely spreading] propaganda in the scientific and cultural centres, today the right or left atheistic and eclectic groups have a major role in misguiding the simple-minded youth …”

… “We must also add that the Society’s previous activities provide absolutely no contradiction to that belief. It only fought against the Baha’is, and had nothing to do with other sins or major elements of those sins…”

… “But realities demonstrate that the political deviance of the Society used to go beyond these limits, and Society members have had instructions to refer to the local SAVAK any time they face any difficulties with Baha’is …”

“…Anyone slightly familiar with the Society’s past activities realizes that all the experience and knowledge of the Society were about combating the Baha’is, and whatever the Society’s scholars have studied meticulously and with certainty about the beliefs of the perverse sect [Baha’i], is limited to the books of Seyyed Ali Mohammad Bab’s Bayan, Mirza Husayn Ali Baha’s Iqan [the Book of Certitude], Abul-Fazael Golpayegani’s Fara’id [The Peerless Gems: A book written in 1898 in reply to an attack on the Kitab-i-Iqan], the Estedlalieh [The Book of Reasoning] of Mirza Na’im Isfahani, and Abdul-Baha’s Mofavezat [Some Answered Questions]. They certainly have not done worthy scholarly research on the concepts of leftist materialism, such as philosophical writings, as well as Marx, Engels and Lenin, and their followers’ writings on economics. Undoubtedly, they cannot do a good job in this regard …”

“’The duration of activities of this charitable, religious, educational and research Society is not limited to a certain period, and execution of its operations and regulations are inexorable and undissolvable until the appearance of His Holiness, the Imam of Time—may our souls be sacrificed for Him.’  The last sentence, despite its insufficiency, is indicative of the Society’s undissolvability. The justification used for this is that its activities cannot be stopped. But now its founder is quoted as saying that, ‘the Society has stopped all its meetings and services’, and his reasoning is that ‘There is no religious obligation [impelling] the continuity of its activities.’ Therefore, based on that rationale, the claims of the undissolvability of the Society and the announcement of the prohibition of its dissolution are not justified.”

[… Ayatollah Jannati]: “We also briefly note another important issue, [which is] that the Society’s authorities refer to the founder of the Society for understanding their religious duties, in spite of their claim of believing in the Guardianship of the Islamic Jurist or its assigned deputies…”

The Relationship of Hojjatieh Society with SAVAK

Explanation of Document

Following the letter number 20171/20 H 12 of 17 Farvardin 1336 [6 April 1957] of the Intelligence and Security Organization of Tehran, [you are] requested to inform this unit of any action or viewpoint you take with regard to the five members who are mentioned in the letter. Moreover, since the gathering of the aforementioned individuals implies opposition to the Baha’i sect, according to [our] information, Haj Sheikh Mahmoud Zakerzadeh (Tavalaei), known as Halabi, who is one of the directors of this meeting and is collaborating with section 21 of the Intelligence and Security Organization of Tehran, it is advisable that prior to summoning others, [you] inquire from the above-mentioned any information about the meeting that was held. H

Head of the Intelligence Unit of the Joint Anti-sabotage Committee – Naseri

23 Farvardin 1336 [12 April 1957]