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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sobhe Azadegan

[Date:] Saturday, 2 Khordad 1360 [23 May 1981] - 18 Rajab 1401

[Issue No.:] 373


This Vast Conspiracy, Too, Will Be Neutralized By the Islamic Republic

. . . its leaders to be the supporters of Baha’i leaders and individuals like Ebrahim Hakimi—who in 1358 had written “good” letters to Karaj—would remain in their positions! They have expected that these spies would not be executed in Tehran, Tabriz, and . . ., but fortunately we saw that two days after its publication, namely on 10 Ordibehesht 1360 [30 April 1981], the fake retired Colonel Yadollah Vahdat and two other leaders of the Baha’is were sentenced to death in Shiraz and were executed. The wife of Vahdat, who was inappropriately named Ghodsiyyeh, was sentenced to life in prison, the news of which was published on 12 Ordibehesht [2 May] in Ettelaat and Kayhan and Enghelabe Eslami, and the next day in Sobhe Azadegan and Jomhouri Eslami, and then on 14 Ordibehesht [4 May] in Ettelaat and Kayhan.

Announcing the thirteen allegations, among the allegations against these four big criminals, which had been published by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, were mentioned: “Exerting efforts and activities to bolster the hideous Pahlavi regime; membership in the spy institute of West Asia related to the imperialists and Zionists; active membership in the Zionist organization of Baha’ism; relationship with key elements of global imperialism, including “Brand Scott” [sic] a close colleague of Jimmy Carter. . . distribution of monies received from Haifa (Israel) to spread ungodliness and enmity with Islam; causing uprisings and chaos in order to advance the ominous Zionist goals of Baha’ism in the region; publicly insulting and denouncing the Great Messenger and the Pure Imams (peace be upon Them), offending the sacred elements of Islam, and controlling the clergy and the religious authorities in Shiraz during the Revolution.”

. . . In order to bring two branches of their activities to the attention of the readers of Sobhe Azadegan, I will briefly refer to the news published in Kayhan (page 12) yesterday: “. . . for example, Sabeti, the former deputy director of the dissolved SAVAK (Baha’i) and the military commander Palyzban are currently in Israel, and with the help of MOSSAD (the spy agency of Zionists) are engaged in forming terrorist groups and dispatching them to Iran for the purpose of murder and sabotage.”

In the same news it is written: “The French news agency has reported that ten individuals who are active in the Jewish group were arrested in Tehran. This action by the formal Iranian authorities has caused open dissatisfaction in the leadership circles in Israel.”

. . . This was about their spying activities. Regarding their activities against the sacred religion of Islam, and their extreme lack of remorse, [as well as] deception, enmity and hypocrisy, I will make a brief reference to their [unworthy] book [about] them, which is called the book of Gharn-e Badi [God Passes By] on page 264, fourth edition [which says]: “Hosein-Ali Baha—who is called by them His Holiness, Baha’u’llah—in the fields of Badasht in Shahroud, with Qurrat’ul-Ayn and a number of Baha’i leaders and some other Baha’is, announced, ‘I have abrogated the religion of Islam and. . .’” and then this same book added that, “On that day and at that place a group of Baha’is, who realized they had been misled, returned to the religion of Islam and left the aforementioned meeting.”  We know that, beyond the laughable teachings that they have made up—which are against Islam, Iran, ethics and all other standards—they deny three major principles in Islam that reinforce the dignity and value of human beings and their hope for the future. They have made the prohibition of these things a part of their made-up religion. These are: taking action for Jihad, interference in politics, and awaiting the advent of the Saheb ul Zaman [the Lord of the Age], may God hasten His reappearance. Meanwhile, we know that Jihad is a cause of pride for Muslims, and interfering in politics and social issues shows the character and dignity of human beings and [therefore] is necessary, and awaiting the advent and belief in the Imam-e Asr [Imam of the Time] peace be upon Him, which is a common belief amongst all Islamic sects, will prevent us from surrendering to the enemy and give us hope and happiness . . .

At any rate, we hope to have another opportunity to share with you some of the [illegible] and interesting facts regarding “Baha’i organizations”, on what they describe.

The fake dome of the Zionist organization is destroyed.

According to the order of the mayor, the fake [illegible] that was related to Sabet Pasal has been destroyed [illegible]. On 13 Ordibehesht 1360 [3 May 1981] the representatives from Karaj and some of the residents of [illegible] Rahnama took action to destroy [illegible] on 22 Bahman 1357 [11 February 1979] (the day of victory of the people, half-destroyed).