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[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Tuesday 24 Tir 1359 -2 Ramadan 1400 -15 July 1980

[Issue No.:] 151

[Page:] 11


The Names and Details of Crimes of the Convicts Were Announced

2 Israeli spies and 12 other instigators were executed by the firing squad in Tabriz.

Tabriz – Sobh-e Azadegan Reporter - Yesterday at dawn, 14 people in Tabriz on the charges of collaborating with the former regime, uprising against the Islamic Republic, sodomy, adultery and drug dealing, were executed. Of these, seven had been sentenced to death by order of Hujjatol-Eslam Khalkhali on drug dealing charges, and seven others by order of the Islamic Revolutionary Court.

Names and crimes of the executees

1. Dr. Faramarz Samandari, head of the Assembly of the Baha'is, [condemned of] collaboration with the Pahlavi regime, SAVAK, collaboration with the usurper state of Israel, the international Zionism and sending news reports and cultural, political, geographical and military information, collecting money and donating to the criminal government of Israel and uprising against Islam and Muslims through collaboration with Israel and the spread of prostitution and evil doings.

2- Yadollah Aastani condemned with similar charges to those of Dr. Samandari