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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Monday, 9 Khordad 1362 - 17 Sha’ban 1403 [30 May 1983]

[Issue No.:] 962

America’s Widespread Campaign to Prove the Supposed Innocence of the Baha’i Spies in Iran.

While the attacks of the Russian advertising trumpets against Iran—which, because of the arrest of the long-standing spies of Moscow who are considered guilty—have still not eased, America’s governing leaders, through their extensive propaganda, demand the end of the prosecution of Zionist espionage activities in Islamic Iran.

Reagan, the head of the American government, on behalf of and by the provocations of the Zionist factions that are dominant in this country, and undoubtedly to satisfy them in the forthcoming [American] presidential elections, has begun to run the new campaigns, and has, almost unexpectedly, condemned the arrest and punishment of the Baha’i spies in Iran; some minutes later, this news was broadcast to the world by the United Press, which had recently been purchased by a Zionist Baha’i.

The coordination and simultaneity of the recent American campaign with the unprecedented Russian efforts to prove the innocence of the supposedly senior Kremlin spies in Islamic Iran is quite remarkable. Likewise, Radio America, in an insulting article on Wednesday night, under the official interpretation of Washington, pretended that the prosecution and punishment of the Baha’i spies in Iran was only because of their [religious] beliefs and ideologies, without referring to the fact that the headquarters of the Zionist Baha’is is [situated] in Israel, and there is no doubt that Zionism is the enemy of Islam.

In this [particular] broadcast, it was not said that arresting the foreign spies in Islamic Iran included all the traitors, regardless of their party [grouping] or religion.

The fact is that, since the inception of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and by the exigencies of its divine content, it has severely confronted and prosecuted the conspiratorial activities of the Eastern and Western spies in any form and any kind of belief, even though [they may have an] Islamic appearance.

It is also clear that the Western media, which is certainly dominated by Zionism, and all the Eastern media are not willing for the world to know that all those who are publicised by the media as being “innocents”, “freedom-seekers” and “humanitarians”, are spies whose activities of intrigue are directly led by their Zionist masters, who have paved the way for the overt and covert crimes against humanity and freedom; in fact, not these people, but their espionage activities are favoured by these governments.

Now it is world Zionism that is responsible for all the political [and] financial [activities] and the design of the anti-Islamic activities of the Zionist sect of Bahaism, whose philosophy of creation, since the beginning, has been to conspire against Islam. It is noteworthy that the land of Islamic Palestine, now oppressively occupied by the Zionists, has been turned into the centre of planning and leadership of this political sect. It is also noteworthy that last month, the followers of this Zionist group gathered in Haifa in occupied Palestine, under the auspices of the Zionists, and discussed the present and future situation of this group. In this assembly it was agreed that the Western media, dominated by the Zionists, would play a broader role in the anti-Islamic propaganda, in order to acquit their captive spies.