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[Newspaper:] Sobh-e Azadegan

[Date:] Wednesday, 28 Bahman 1360 - 17 February 1982 - 22 Rabi’ath -Thani 1402

[Issue No.:] 593

[Page:] 10


A Look at the Hojjatieh Society

Interview with engineer Mehdi Tayyeb, current member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and former member of the Society

Part 4...

...In any case, in the revolutionary institutions and executive bodies, each of them took responsibility and started working, but next to what they were doing, they were also extremely sensitive, until, in any case, the issue of the split of the Society occurred. In a part of this flow were people who had less in-depth knowledge of the Islamic issues and had to construct their ideology. So, in addition to their presence in the revolutionary institutions and the executive bodies, they were engaged in creating cadres and forming better cadres [groups of members]. With this organization there might not have been a need to re-announce the plan for several months, but in any case, it is necessary that society knows who they are and who they were working with, and under the name of the same organization they announced the existence of the Ebad Saleh organization...

In my opinion, within the Society itself, those who collaborate with each other are not homogenous.

Inside the Society, there is a group which, with all those existing shortcomings, is completely in line with Mr. Halabi. But there are others who are very good people, and they were about to leave the Society, as Mr. Khandaghi, left the Society, as one of the believers in the Imam.

There are those who have exactly the same feelings as Mr. Halabi, and those who do not and are in the line[path] of the Imam and are in the process of separation, and those who remained in the Society after Mr. Khazali left…

To be continued…