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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Sisters Seminary

[Date:] 9 Tir 1395 [29 June 2016]


Methods of Propagating Baha’ism in Iran

By examining the past and present activities of teachers of Baha’ism, it is possible to collect the activities of Baha’is in Iran under the following pretence and understand what role they [play] for Iran and Iranians:

  1. The first attempt of the Baha’is is to show how oppressed they are and attract the attention of Iranians, especially Muslims, because they want to remove the “political suspicion” and “religious prejudice” of Muslims towards Baha’ism and change the negative mentality of Muslims towards themselves, and introduce the Baha’i sect―which in the eyes of the Iranians is a perverse group and a spy agency for foreigners―as a divine religion and a branch of the Shiite religion, and to show its followers as harmless but oppressed compatriots.
  2. The followers of this sect secretly and indirectly teach Baha’ism to Muslims, through various methods, such as [making] friends [with them] in school, university, work and neighbourhood. It is also important to note that Baha’is sometimes infiltrate kindergartens and work on our infants’ minds.
  3. They constantly raise doubts about the principles and teachings of other religions―especially against Islam and Shiism―and spread [those doubts] in various ways among different sections of society.
  4. They promote feminism, women’s rights, immoral behaviour and indecency with the aim of fighting against the strength and health of the family foundations―and ultimately the community―and weakening the rules of Islam.
  5. Since one of the duties of the Baha’is is to spy for the House of Justice, [which] is the utmost supporter of this organization, they make every effort to do their job well by infiltrating government and non-government offices and centres in order to gain access to the secrets of the regime and transfer them to the House of Justice.
  6. They make attempts to show the large numbers of Baha’is in Iran as a preliminary and legal friendly step to achieve practical and legal recognition.
  7. [They bring] back Baha’i capitalists and cultural elites (expelled and fugitives) to Iran to take over Iran’s economy and culture, [and they] provide financial support for the propagation of Baha’ism and the advancement of its goals.
  8. [They revive] Baha’i holy sites in Iran with the help of the Cultural Heritage Organization and direct Iranians and tourists to visit ancient sites.
  9. [They] introduce Baha’i holy sites as tourist centres and attract tourists to visit them, such as the Lotus Temple in India.
  10. [They] provide free educational, cultural and medical services and counselling with the aim of indirectly promoting Baha’ism and recruiting members.
  11. Marriage of Baha’i girls and boys to non-Baha’i boys and girls is also a way of attracting [people] to Baha’ism, as they are constantly seeking to increase their population. Ali-Muhammad Bab also promoted having children [out of wedlock].