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In the Name of God,


First name: Sina, Last name: Hakiman; Name of father: Tarazollah; Arresting authority: Branch 42 of Tehran Public Prosecutor’s Office; Case number: 31425/M/21; Accusation: Being Baha’i



  1. Honourable Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists, Grand Ayatollah Rouhollah Mousavi-Khomeini
  2. Honourable President of the Republic, Hojjatol-Islam Khamenei
  3. Honourable Leader of the Assembly of Experts, Ayatollah Meshkini
  4. Honourable Director of the Guardian Council, Ayatollah  Sanei
  5. Honourable Director of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Hojjatol-Islam Hashemi-Rafsanjani
  6. Honourable Director of the Supreme Judicial Council, Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardebili
  7. Honourable Prime Minister, Engineer Mousavi


From: Dr. Sina Hakiman


Subject:  Request for legal determination of my situation, and declaration of my personal and social rights, which have sadly been violated during the past six years, contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the sacred religious principles of Islam, and the Covenant on Human Rights, simply because I am a Baha’i.

With utmost respect, I inform you that after my graduation in Azar 1358 [November/December 1979], I dedicated two years of my life to military service, as well as post-military service in medicine, in my country, Iran.  I served on the medical unit for two years, and in accordance with the order issued by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Tehran, my service was to legally continue during my prison sentence, which I am serving today.  However, to my surprise, I was barred from practicing medicine for two years prior to my imprisonment, simply for being Baha’i.  Regrettably, to ease this unfair treatment, I had [illegible]; however, nothing has been done against this unlawful act.  In addition, I have been banned from studying at university or travelling abroad.  They will not register our marriage in the birth certificate because it was a Baha’i marriage.  Although, on 1 Tir 1362 [22 June 1983], I requested the honourable Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists to issue instructions to determine my situation, there is, unfortunately, no response, which has led to denial of our human rights and public security.


[I] have, in the course of my ongoing correspondence with the honourable governmental authorities, shared my difficulties and requested that this discrimination be alleviated.  On 6 Tir 1362 [27 June 1983], I was summoned to the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office; while introducing myself [illegible] I was arrested and charged with baseless and erroneous accusations of “false reporting, and slander against the Islamic Republic of Iran” and other inappropriate and illegal allegations of “membership in the perverse Baha’i sect” or “propagation and interpretation of the Quran in favour of the mentioned sect”.  Eventually, pursuant to court order number g-d 2150 of Branch 9 of the court, dated 18 Aban 1362 [9 November 1983], I was sentenced to “ten years’ imprisonment with [medical] employment”. Please note that the Baha’is consider the Baha’i Faith as an independent religion of God and not a perverse sect.  After the confiscation of my books [illegible] while in their possession I have been deprived of reading the Scriptures of this religion.  During my incarceration, I was denied judicial security, while being abused and tortured, in order that I would deny my beliefs.  I was prevented from performing my personal religious duties.  The deprivations, harassments, and tortures are in conflict with the laws of this country and the principles of human rights.  This is while I have never deviated from righteousness and decency and have not broken the law of the country.  Even the institutions of the Faith, of which every Baha’i, without exception, is a member, and which manages the religious duties of the community, following the announcement of the statement of the respected public prosecutor of the Revolution in Shahrivar 1362 [August-September 1983], according to their duty, affirmed their dissolution in order to be obedient to the government.

I have been insulted, unreasonably and without any evidence, which has sadly become common practice, [I have been] portrayed as a spy, or a Zionist, and against Islam, while, according to my beliefs, we do not interfere in politics.  Moreover, we believe in the validity and sacredness of Islam.  But still, my human rights were outright violated because of my belief and my personal view on the Holy Quran that the rights of every [human being] are upheld and no one should be denied [these] basic rights.  Surely, my belief in the validity of the Baha’i Faith and my performing the laws and its divine teachings could not prove violation [illegible] in my past or in the present.  Therefore, in conjunction with your human responsibility, I request investigation and determination of my situation, and ask that my rights be restored

[Illegible] considering the points stated above, I request your actions on the following:

  • To legally determine my situation and officially declare my freedom regarding my belief, expression of speech, observance of personal religious duties, and possession of and ability to study books on the Baha’i Faith;
  • To ensure my security and my rights in relation to my employment as a doctor and my duty to serve the beloved nation of Iran, registration of our marriage on the birth certificate, permission to study in university, and permission to travel abroad;
  • To ensure judicial security;
  • To reverse the effect of my loss of human rights as stated above, and the restoration of my reputation after the abusive insults and defamatory slander.

I anticipate that everyone will do what is right to attract the good pleasure of God; I extend my gratitude to that honourable authority in advance.

Dr. Sina Hakiman


Address: Zahedan, prison of the police station, wing three, room six.  Post code 98134

In the Name of God:

Respectfully, the request of the prisoner is reflected as stated%

Captain [Olfatimanesh]


Fingerprint - The above-mentioned prisoner’s signature has been verified.  The officer on duty – wing officer has verified.

Lieutenant [illegible]


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