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14 Shahrivar 1361 [5 September 1982]


To the esteemed Supreme Guardian Council

I, Sina Hakiman, hereby request that you view the attached documents and the note from the Parliamentary Deputy of the Ministry of Health letter 5/7739 - 30 Mordad 1361 [21 August 1982], in which he has said, “Wait until you get an answer from the Guardian Council,” regarding rural healthcare, and that you express your opinion regarding the status of myself and my wife who are two Baha’i physicians  Also consider letter 1/4185 - 19 Mordad 1361 [10 August 1982] from a ministry called ‘Office of the Order of Physicians of Iran’, and the opinion of the Minister of Health who has said, “These physicians should complete their commitment period based on earning daily wages, and then freely engage in working as doctors upon receiving a permanent license.”

In addition, I request your opinion concerning the legal status of the [? Baha’i] marriage of my wife as it is not clear. It may be that she is exempt from the commitment to serve the Ministry of Health based on marital status (note Section J, attachment dated 8 Tir 1361 [29 June 1982] that I sent to the Secretary General of the esteemed Order of Physicians of Iran). It may be that we could serve in one place as two married Baha’i doctors.  In this way, after more than one-and-a-half years of confusion and expenditure of time, our path may be clear and we may be free from the indecision that has caused us to write numerous letters, taken excessive amounts of our time and, contrary to the goals of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, has failed to prevent unnecessary bureaucratic red tape or to establish fairness and justice.


I thank you very much in advance for your kind attention.

Sholeh Misaghi-Dehaghani (Hakiman) - Sina Hakiman