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[Personal information has been redacted.]




Administrative Order of the Office of Personnel


Form: ‘A - (5204) 32

Department of State for Administrative Affairs and Employment


  1. Ministry/Organization: Education Department
  2. Employee number: [redacted]
  3. Name: Mr. Sina
  4. Surname: Ganji
  5. Father’s name: Ayaz
  6. Identification number and place of issue: Identification number [redacted], place of issue [redacted], Province/Governorate [redacted]
  7. Place of birth: [redacted]
  8. Date of birth: 27 Khordad [redacted] [17 June [redacted]
  9. Highest academic degree obtained and specialization: Associate Degree, Specialization: ---
  10. Determined organizational position: High School Teacher
  11. Class: Educational and Cultural, Field: Teaching, rank: 4
  12. Group: Seven
  13. Administrative Grade: Nine
  14. Organizational Unit: [redacted] School
  15. Place of service: District [redacted], City [redacted], Village/Governorate Isfahan
  16. Licence: Date: ---, Number: ---
  17. Type of Judgement: Dismissal from service 
  18. Description of the Judgement: One of the main conditions of employment and continuation of one’s services is not to hold corrupt ideology, and to be a believer in one of the official religions of the country, while you have clearly indicated your religion as Baha’i; therefore, in agreement with letter number 15/3129 [dated:] 19 Ordibehesht 1358 [9 May 1979] of the Head Office of the Department of Education, from the date of the issuance of this judgement your services in the Ministry of Education [will] come to an end.
  19. Salaries, privileges and fringe benefits 
  1. Salary of the group pay rate: 37,300 rial
  2. Difference of comparative salary: --- rial
  3. Work-related collective permanent and temporary privileges: Fringe benefits of the work 21,500 rial
  4. Difference of comparative privileges:     rial
  5. Assignment allowance:     rial
  6. Bad climate allowance:      rial
  7. Job hardship allowance: 2,948.00 rial
  8. Field allowance:     rial
  9. Other benefits:       rial

Total: 61,784 rial

  1. Salary, privileges and fringe benefits stipulated in this judgement, come to a total of (in letters) sixty-one thousand, seven hundred and eighty-four rial, and after the legal deductions it is payable from the Trust ---- Chapter ---- Articles ----.
  2. Date in which the judgement will be put into action: 1 Tir 1358 [22 June 1979]
  3. Date of issue and the number of the judgement, Date: 31 Khordad 1358 [21 June 1979], Number: 2/14970
  4. Name and Surname of the officer in charge: Jaafar Rezaei


Determined organizational position: Head of the Office of Education & Training, District 3 Isfahan



Copy: Employee