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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 2 Dey 1388 (23 December 2009)


Semnan: Arrest of a Baha’i

Latest news from Iran:

On 25 Azar 1387 (15 December 2008), Mrs. Sholeh Taef, a Baha’i from Semnan, was arrested after a search of her home. Ministry of Intelligence agents, introducing themselves as electrical technicians, entered Mrs. Taef’s residence, searched her home, and confiscated some material related to the Baha’i Faith. When Mrs. Taef was arrested, agents told her family that they would inform them of her whereabouts in due time. Hours later, Mrs. Taef called her family briefly and said she was fine. Mrs. Taef’s family is among the 20 Semnan Baha’i families whose homes were searched on 25 Azar 1387 (15 December 2008).