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In the Name of God

His Holiness Grand Ayatollah, Imam Khomeini,

I salute the respected, grand and spiritual Imam, requesting permission to express my humble remarks. I thank God, the Creator of all the world. I am Shohreh Torabi, born in year [redacted] and graduated from the Training Institute of Shiraz in 1356 [1978]. For two years I [have been] wandering around and at the same time fascinated with God and truth. I was deprived about two years ago of, being employed by the Department of Education because I was presented with an affidavit to sign and I explicitly confessed that I am Baha’i. This affidavit became an excuse for my dismissal; the reason I call it an excuse is because the authorities of the Department of Education should have given me an official and legal document so that my dismissal would have been legal. This means that, according to the regulations of the Department of Education, they should have given me an official employment letter [first] so that my dismissal would have become legal, [too].

There are many of these affidavit papers, and without any prejudice or lying I will not hide my religion and beliefs. Can I not enjoy this freedom and be far away from what is happening around me, which is torturing me? From the time of the Shah until now, my efforts to obtain my position were in vain, and now that I have referred to [the Department of Education] they responded to me as in the time of Taghut[1].

Whenever I explain that propaganda about [any] belief is possible everywhere, and it is not only in the Education Department, and besides, that my academic studies are in teaching a foreign language, which does not have any connection to religion and propaganda, they tell me that I am not allowed to do it. I would guarantee that I will not propagate my religion in my workplace and will only concentrate on teaching. Honourable Ayatollah, I do not have any religious prejudice, but authorities are asking me to recant my faith and prostrate [myself] to them, and by using pressure and threats, they want me to become a person like them and follow them.

I am not saying that I am the only one who has the right, but why they do not give us the freedom so that we may think better about this freedom and make our decisions more comfortably? Perhaps with this freedom we may change our thoughts, should they be absurd, and walk in a better direction. Plus, why should we be forced to recant, when we believe in one God and recognize His Messengers? What kind of law is this, which pushes away those who walk in the straight path and [practice] justice?  What kind of law is this that rejects the followers of truth and justice? Did Prophet Muhammad consider the Christians reprehensible? No. I swear by God.

I will not take more of your precious time, and I pray for you, that great leader. I love my profession and am waiting to receive your attention.  

Shohreh Torabi [Signature]


[1] Taghut : This term was used by the Islamic Revolutionaries to refer to the regime of the Shah