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Date: 1 Aban 1331 [23 October 1952]


Ministry of the Interior,

Respectfully, following the face-to-face discussions and the previously submitted letter, I would inform you that:

According to a letter received from Rafsanjan, after the destruction of the  Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i centre], the bath house and the Baha’i cemetery; the looting, ransacking and burning of its furniture; the destruction of the graves in the Baha’i cemetery; the burning of several corpses and the cutting down of trees of that place [cemetery], which happened on 15 Mehr [7 October], [further destruction] was apparently prevented by the arrival of the police force of Kerman.

As no action was taken to prosecute the perpetrators, Ansari the preacher, who went  from Qom to Hasan-Abad, 15 kilometres away from Rafsanjan, has succeeded in provoking the local residents  and insurgents to destroy and loot the houses and burn their furniture (in the presence and by the assistance of eight gendarmes in the same house which they were previously sent to protect). Later on, he encouraged the local residents and the insurgents to commit those savage actions in Rafsanjan. Now he is on the pulpit, more severely and openly encouraging the thugs and hooligans, the ignorant greedy residents, to kill, corrupt and loot, by provoking their ignorant fanaticism, and assured of the protection of the Muslim police force, which will absolutely take no action to prevent their actions, as they already observed. He attracts the alliance of the naïve people to murder and loot, by false promises about the benefits of the next world. There exists the danger and fear that, by taking more severe actions, in addition to destroying and looting the houses, [they might cause] a number of people to be murdered.

Recently, the mentioned sheikh, who was a guest at the house of Mr. Agah, went to the house of a person called Mr. Ali, the deputy of the uncle of Mr. Moinzadeh, a candidate for membership in the parliament who had not succeeded. This will provide him more opportunity for preparation and actions to implement his malicious intentions.

I have clearly stressed that, should Sheikh Ansari remain in this city and not be prosecuted [for his action] or if the insurgents are not arrested and punished (of course not by the current Justice Department), these provocations will no doubt bring about their desired results, and they will succeed in pursuing their corrupt intentions. How should we ascribe the undutiful behaviour of the police force in not preventing the aggressors and endangering the lives and possessions of a group of the truly trustworthy and hardworking citizens in the face of the absolute capability of the government of [His] Imperial Majesty?                              


I hope and earnestly request that, to eliminate  these misunderstandings, [and to] protect the dignity and honour of Iran and Iranians in the eyes of the rest of the world, you not allow the  perpetrators to continue murdering, looting the alive and burning the corpses unrestrained and shamelessly; and to demonstrate in action the good intentions of the government to restore order and prevent incidents such as this by issuing strict orders and carefully implementing them, and seriously demand that law enforcement officers fulfil their responsibilities and emphatically prevent the thugs and hooligans, restoring order and obliging the population.


[Signature: Shoa[ollah] Alaei]


[Stamp:] Registered at the Ministry of the Interior, number: 36209, date: 8 Aban 1331 [30 October 1952]

[Handwritten note:] It is urgent.

Office of the Police Force:

Such actions that cause tension and fear amongst the population should stop. Necessary reports to be sent to the governor and the police force to maintain order and peace. Incidents such as this will result in harsh [repercussions] for the responsible authorities and those responsible for security.