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Postal Company of the Islamic Republic of Iran

(Pictorial postal services)

Form: 2 F

In the Name of God

The Honourable Ayatollah Yazdi, the respected head of the Judiciary

I respectfully inform you that my name is Shoaiyyeh Miraftab, duaghter of Nematollah. I own a two-storey apartment building, located at [redacted]. My sister occupied the first floor of the building and I had prepared the second floor for my own use.

On 18 Khordad 1369 [8 June 1990], a person by the name of Ali-Asghar Mojtahedzadeh, apparently on behalf of the Islamic Revolution Magistrate for Protection of Properties, forcibly occupied my apartment. The case, after passing through many stages, is now in the hands of the assistant of the Prosecution Office, Branch 15, at the Commission for the Investigation of Employment Offences, under number 1353/15/69, and the honourable assistant prosecutor, after making inquiries from the Office of Registration of Estates, regarding me as its established owner, on 18 Mordad 1369 [23 July 1990], wrote a letter to Evin Office, asking that the case file be facilitated. Unfortunately, to this date, it has not been delivered.

I have been following up with my case by repeatedly going to the Office of Protection of Properties and to Evin. At Evin, they prevent me from entering there and they ignore me totally. It is possible that none of my written letters are being kept in the case files.

[Enclosed herewith] is a photocopy of the letter that I wrote personally to Hojjatol-Eslam Nayyeri, the chief justice of Evin [Office]. He has written a note under it in which he instructed the head of the Enforcement of Judgements in Evin [Office] to report the actions taken for the case. Instead of investigating the case, he detained me for 48 hours, and by putting me under the worst psychological and emotional pressures, forced me to sign the affidavit and declare that I would not return anymore to the Prosecutor’s Office in Evin. Therefore, I have sent a few telefax letters addressed to the chief justice and the Islamic revolutionary prosecutor general. But the relevant authorities have not yet taken my plea into consideration. They once verbally told me that [my] the property had been transferred. On another occasion, they told me it had been ceded; the last time, they finally told me that it had been confiscated without any court order.

On 14 Mehr 1369 [6 October 1990] at 10:00 in the morning, two individuals, who introduced themselves as the executive representatives of the Islamic revolutionary magistrate, entered my residence and illegally threw my household furniture on the street, without any official mandate. As much as I pleaded, inquiring the reason they were doing this to me and under which court order, unfortunately they did not show me any [court] order. After they emptied the house, they locked and sealed the entrance door of the house and left. Now all my possessions are on the street. My sister and I have been living in the open street for the last seven 7 nights and days, helpless and idle. The discarded furniture is wasting away and nobody can take care of it.

I am pleading with you to have this matter urgently investigated so as to find out under which court order such an unlawful action took place. We two helpless sisters, with no income in our old age, who should be in our own dwelling place, are now sitting in front of our house in the cold, and have our expectant eyes on your help to come to our rescue.

For your information, we bought this house 22 years ago. We have not committed any crime or offence. The religion of Islam is the religion of mercy and affection. [Imam Khomeini] and Islam take care of the poor. I am fully confident that the Islamic Republic will not let the right of any individual be trampled.

  1. Except for this building, I do not possess any other property.
  2. Because of my ailing father, I spent some years abroad for treatment.
  3. In all my life, I have not committed any offence and have no alliance to any group or social structure.
  4. The house in question is our only property, which we acquired after many years of difficulty and hardship.

Kindly have my case investigated as urgently as possible or come to see us in the street next to our possessions, most of which have already perished. If there is any legal instruction for my case please have it communicated to me personally in the street, where I am sitting in front of my property. We two sisters have no strength in our old age to stay outside in the cold and dark nights.

Our expectant eyes are being directed only to your urgent help.


Shoaiyyeh Miraftab [signature]

21 Mehr 1369 [13 October 1990]

Number of the File of the Office of Protection of Properties and Evin


Registered letter to Dr. Mehrpour - Bijani, Disciplinary Court of Justice

Commission of the Article 90, Ayat Yazdi and Ayatollah Moghtadaei

Name of the sender’s Office: Form F2

Stamp of the sender’s Office: -----

Date of dispatch: -----

Sender’s address: [redacted] Shoaiyyeh Miraftab

Postal Code: -----

Receiver’s address: His Honour Ayatollah Yazdi, honourable head of the National Judiciary, Citadel of Justice Administration

Postal Code: -----

Number of the message: F 84503   2

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