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Municipality of Shiraz

No.: ---

Date: 25--- [19---]

Attachment: ---


The Esteemed Managing Director of the Municipal Councils’ Union of the Southern Region


The Municipality is intending to make Mr Karim Mehdizadeh Naderi, an employee in the Council’s Accounting Department, redundant owing to his disregard of his official duties and since the religion of the said person is Baha’i, this has caused concern and indignation amongst the religious people of the city; therefore, pursuant to circular number 1036 dated 4/9/57 [25 November 1978], please arrange immediately for action to be taken regarding the redundancy of said person and notify the Municipality of the outcome of your action.


Sayyid Mahdi Abtahi

Mayor of Shiraz


7/12/57 [26 February 1979]


Accounts and Finance Department for information and appropriate action; please note that it is necessary to discontinue payment of his wages and benefits until his redundancy situation is determined.


[Handwritten note in the middle of page]

[No.:] 43100

[Date:] 7/12/57 [26 February 1979]

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