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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Shia News

[Date:] 29 Dey 1387 [18 January 2009]


Baha’is Claim Ideals of Great Religions as Their Own

Researcher in religions and sects: Baha’i slogans are copied from other religions and Baha’is claim ideals of great religions as their own

Citing Shabestan, “Shia News” reports that Dr. Ahmadi, a researcher in religions and sects and a university professor, asserted at a gathering on "Baha'ism: A new Administrative and Propaganda Surge": Baha’ism claims more than 5 million adherents, which is not that accurate. The realistic number of followers of this sect is a fifth of the above number.

He further stated that followers of Wahhabism [as published] are under psychological strains and added: The systematic administration of Baha'ism obligates every Baha'i to teach his beliefs. Bahá'ís never concentrate in one location and as soon as they establish a base, albeit small, relocate to other locations where the adherents are fewer in numbers.  This is the reason for the Baha'ism sect being second only to Christianity in geographic expansion".

Stressing that contrary to its claim, Baha’ism is a sect not a religion, this researcher and university professor added: Separation of state and religion is a slogan of Baha'ism, yet this sect utilizes political ties to hold all of its large and propagandist congresses.

Ahmadi asserted: Compared to the past, Baha'i books have changed significantly.  With every new edition, this sect’s administration purges materials that are unsuitable for modern times and adds current materials in accordance with the exigencies of the current times. That is how Baha’ism has survived to this day.

He said that Baha'ism falsely claims unity and stated: The adherents of this sect are mere imitators and are not allowed to disobey their leaders, named Universal House of Justice, because these leaders consider themselves to be infallible although they are elected in a kind of election, which contradicts the notion of infallibility. Thus, should a Baha'i brings a complaint against his leaders, he would be considered a covenant breaker and subjected to harsh punishment.

Ahmadi mentioned that: Baha'ism believes that, at the End-Time, the Universal House of Justice will become the ruler of the world, and this is in contradiction to the claim of separation of state and religion.

In another segment of his presentation, this scholar of religions said: In early 20th century, America was considered the land of dreams for many people; therefore, 'Abdu'l-Baha, son of Baha'u'llah immigrated from Iran and through clever teachings, brought about a sweeping wave of Baha'ism in the West and America.

He continued: Baha'ism considers the intolerance of the followers of Islam and Christianity for their religions as an obstacle to unity and maintains that true unity can only be established by this sect.

As reported by the IPO, as part of the program in this gathering, a Baha'ism propaganda film was shown to the audience and necessary explanations were provided.

It is noteworthy that the gathering on Baha'ism: A new administrative and Propaganda Surge is part of a series of reflection meetings organized by the Office of Applied Research of the Bureau of Research and Training at IPO. The gathering was held in the auditorium of the above Bureau and attended by some erudite and expert members of the IPO.