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[Adapted from website:] Shia News Agency

[Date:] 7 Ordibehesht 1393 [27 April 2014]


The Sad Story of Sectarianism and Faction-Making in the Mohammadan Nation

The emergence of intellectual and ideological differences in the Mohammadan (PBUH) community has a long and sad story.

Shia News: The devil on the one hand, the ego on the other hand, power-hungry tendencies and deep-rooted enmities based on the school, as well, have played and are playing a role in the emergence of this “faction-making”.

Sometimes the perverted leaders of the corrupt religious ideologies have knowingly and deliberately formed sects to support the enemy.

At times, foreign policy and the influential elements of colonialism have engaged in religion-making, sectarianism, and faction-making within Islamic countries and among Muslims. An example of this was the misguided and seditionist “Qadiani” [Ahmadiyya] sect in India, which was created by Gholam-Ahmad Qadiani [sic], who was the henchman of British colonialism, and also the mercenary sect of Baha’ism, in Iran, which was formed at the behest of the same British policy...

If Baha’ism is a blatantly false religion and heresy of foreign politics, then there are nameless groups, behind-the-scenes movements and sects without headlines and advertisement, which determine the hidden heresy.

Source: Panjareh