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Mellat Bank


Mellat Bank

Centre: Tehran


Date 9/2/1361 [29 April 1982]

Number 2586  2000-60

Please refer to this number in your response.


[Official stamp] Islamic Republic of Iran


In the Name of God


Mrs. Shayesteh Sabetian


Based on circular number 3636 / SH, dated 6/12/1360 [25 February 1982] received from the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Banks, and the letter number 594, dated 29/1/1361 [18 April 1982] received from the supervisory unit of the Regional Market in Tehran, you are suspended from employment in this bank, and will not receive any salary, after 1/1/1361 [21 March 1982]. This is in accordance with the above decision and remains until a final determination of your situation is made by the Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources.


Head Office of Personnel


Quds [Signature]

Zaghari [Signature]