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Payam-e Noor University

Northern Khorasan Province

Bojnourd Headquarters


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Sciences, Research and Technology

In the Name of God

Number: 113 / 5523

Date: 10 Bahman 1392 [30 January 2014]

No enclosures


“The Year of Political Epic, Economic Epic”

The Honourable Chief of the Military Service of Bojnourd

With greetings and respect,

You are hereby informed that Mr. Shayan Sanaei, with student number [redacted], student of information technology, was expelled due to matters of belief, on 26 Esfand 1388 [15 February 2010].  This is for your information and proper action.

Gholamreza Ebrahimi Moghaddam

Supervisor of the Payam-e Noor University

Bojnourd Headquarters

[Signature and stamp]


Bojnourd, Kooy-e Daneshgah, Shahryar Avenue, Payam-e Noor University, Postal code: 94176-94766

Telephone: (584)2296721-4  Fax: (584)2296725-2296960  [E-mail]