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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khabar-e Jonoub

[Date:] Tuesday, 3 Esfand 1361 [22 February 1983]

[Issue No.:] 782


Exclusive interview by “Khabar” with Hojjatol-Eslam Qazai, the Sharia Judge and President of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz

The Sharia Judge of Shiraz: “I advise the Baha’is to return to the bosom of Islam”

* “Before it is too late, the Baha’is should recant Baha’ism, which is condemned by reason and logic. Otherwise, the day will soon come when the Islamic nation will deal with the Baha’is in accordance with its religious obligations, as it has dealt with other monafiqin[1] [stirrers of sedition] who have appeared in more dangerous garb and have satanic religious gatherings.”

*   At present, there are about 500 cases under consideration by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz.

*   Many Baha’is have returned to the bosom of Islam, cursing the leaders of Baha’ism. Every day newspapers [bear] witness to the logical action of some of these people.

The Sharia judge and president of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, in response to another question of ours about 22 members of the Baha’i administration who have been condemned to death, said the following:

“In response to this question, I must say that, by the grace of Almighty God, the Muslim nation of Iran, which follows the principles of the Sacred Household, will, God willing, fulfil the prayers of Noah.

“And Noah said, Lord, leave not one single family of infidels on the Earth:

“For if Thou leave them they will beguile thy servants and will beget only sinners, infidels.

“The Iranian nation has arisen in accordance with Quranic teachings and, by the will of God, has determined to establish the government of God on earth.  Therefore, it cannot tolerate the perverted Baha’is, who are instruments of Satan and followers of the Devil and of the superpowers and their agents, such as the Universal House of Justice of Israel. It is absolutely certain that in the Islamic Republic of Iran there is no place whatsoever for Baha’is and Baha’ism. Baha’is themselves say that they did not participate in any demonstrations against Taghut[2]; neither [did they] raise their voices against Taghut, [nor] take part in any Islamic Republic elections to change the  accursed regime of the monarchy, nor in the recent elections for the formation of the Assembly of Experts. The reason they give is that all these elections are political, and they, as an act of faith, are against participation in politics. Baha’is further say, ‘We have our own different elections. Baha’i administration is independent. We have our own elections, special meetings, Feasts and conferences.’”

Hojjatol-Eslam Qazai added, “Therefore, we witness that these germs of corruption [Baha’is], who are the offspring of Satan and mercenary agents of the House of Justice of Israel, have created, however ridiculously, a state within a state, and a government and administration different from that of Islam.

“It is laughable that, in spite of this, they claim to be loyal to the government and obedient to its laws. But this claim is a cover to hide their separation from the nation.

“The Baha'is of Iran have one-year, five-year and ten-and-more-year plans, which are being formulated by the colonialist Satans and are being executed by the followers of Baha’ism.

“It is necessary for me to mention that these mercenaries recently published a book. In its introduction they insulted the martyred President Rajai and the martyred Prime Minister Bahonar, and [said they were] liars. In the same book, moreover, they abused the late martyred Beheshti and 72 other martyrs of the Central Office of the Islamic Republic’s Party. My tongue is unable to repeat these abuses. These mercenaries have regarded the cruel war of Iraq against Iran and the treacheries of the infidels inflicted upon this wronged nation as a struggle of one oppressor against another. They have also depicted the honourable motto of this nation, that it is ‘inclined neither to the East nor to the West’ as a mockery and insult to the brilliant literature of Iran. They have stated that the followers of Shia Islam, who are the only true children and worthy descendants of His Holiness Adam, and the choicest flowers of humanity, are the ‘basest people on earth.’”

Hojjatol-Eslam Qazai continued, saying, “According to their religion, Baha’s consider themselves obligated to follow the Universal House of Justice, and the House of Justice is obligated, according to Baha’i principles, to follow the government of Israel.

“In spite of all this, the Baha’is in Iran are not being arrested merely because they are Baha’is; those who are active members of their administration are being arrested because of their direct or indirect relation with the House of Justice. Only those who attach no value to the martyrs of the Islamic Republic, and to the people and government of Iran, are imprisoned. Such people are clear manifestations of ‘the leaders of infidelity’ and Koffar-i-Harbi (infidels against whom war is incumbent). If our policy were to imprison people merely because they are Baha’is, then all the Baha’is in Shiraz should have been arrested; whereas only a few of them have been detained for the abovementioned crimes and have been sentenced accordingly.”

The Head of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz stated, “I hereby announce to the Baha’is that, if they consider themselves loyal to the laws of the Islamic Republic and its constitution, then in accordance with Article 13 of the constitution any activities on the part of the Baha’is are against the constitution. And the election of their Assemblies, the committees, Feasts, etc., all are considered as crimes, and according to the constitution those who commit such crimes are considered criminals.”

Hojjatol-Eslam Qazai added, “I take this opportunity to advise all fair-minded and intelligent Baha’is to return to the bosom of highly-esteemed Islam, and wash from their faces the shame of following Baha’ism, which is the product of colonialism. By performing such a heroic act, i.e. struggling against indoctrinated Baha’i teachings, which will bring them nothing except misery and shame in both worlds, they will save themselves. Before it is too late, Baha’is should recant Baha’ism, which is condemned by reason and logic. Otherwise, the day will soon come when the Islamic nation will deal with them in accordance with its religious obligations, as it has dealt with other monafeqin who have appeared in more dangerous garb and have satanic religious gatherings.  Baha’is should know that they are not more powerful than the monafeqin and that the nation of the Party of God (Muslims) is not powerless in uprooting them.

“Praised be God that many Baha’is return to the bosom of Islam every day and curse the leaders of Baha’ism. Daily newspapers are a witness to the logical action of some of these people”.

Speaking on the subject of the condemnation of about 20 Baha’is, the judge said, “It has been proven that those who are condemned to death have been active members of Baha’ism, from whom the simple people cannot escape. The attachment of these condemned Baha’is to internal and external devils is proven beyond any doubt, and their enmity to Islam and Muslims is largely evident.”






[1] [Monafiqin literally means “Stirrers of Sedition”. The Islamic Republic refers to the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran as (Munafiqin)]----http://www.iran.mojahedin.org----http://www.iran.mojahedin.org/pagesEn/index.aspx

[2] [An idol, symbol of tyranny, symbolically referring to the Pahlavi king as a tyrant]