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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date]: 4 September 1983


In the Name of God

Prosecutor of the Headquarters of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice [in] Evin

Respectfully, along with the following attachments, the original letter of complaint to the honourable president of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a copy of the president’s reply, and a copy of the reply from the Islamic Consultative Assembly, [I] would like to bring to your attention, after attempts being made regarding Molouk Khadem with no results, that on 22 August 1983 three people took Touran, my second daughter, for questioning. Because of my crying, they made a promise, with the imam as [a witness], that she would be returned in 24 hours. Now it has been 14 days that I have no information about them. Considering the above, I request [that you give an] order [that] this helpless 86-year-old woman [be provided with] some information about my daughters, and that they be returned to me; otherwise, take me to them.  Awaiting kind help and action from the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecutor.

Bereaved old mother Shamsi Khadem