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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[Date:] 11 Aban 1362 [2 November 1983]


Esteemed Head of the Commission for Investigating the Imam’s Order

I, Shamsi Khadem, 86, resident of [redacted] wish to respectfully inform you that I had been living with my two daughters, [until], on Sunday 2 Mordad 1362 [24 July 1983] around two o’clock after midnight, my older daughter, by the name of Moluk Khadem [was taken to prison]. On 31 Mordad 1362 [22 August 1983] at 5:00 in the afternoon, my second daughter, by the name of Touran Khadem, was taken away with some articles and her car. [After my] complaints to the relevant authorities, it became evident that my first daughter, Moluk Khadem, is being kept in the prison of Rejaieshahr and my second daughter, Touran Khadem, at Evin Detention Centre. So far, no action has been taken for their release, nor has permission been granted for me to visit them. This feeble, powerless, ill and lonely woman passes every day and night hoping to see her children. To find out the truth of my words, please have your own agents investigate the case and grant me the least hope that at the end of my life [I may] receive the mercies of that esteemed authority.


Looking forward to Your Honour’s investigation


The feeble and bereaved mother,

Shamsi Khadem