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Date: 6/02/1365 [26 April 1986]

Number: ----


The Honorable Ayatollah Mousavi Ardabili, Public Prosecutor General


Your kindness encouraged me, Shamsi Khadem, a fragile 90-year-old woman, to send the following request to you.  My 68-year-old daughter, Molouk Khadem, daughter of Mousa, has been in jail since 2/05/1362 [24 July 1983] and she is currently imprisoned in ward 3 of Evin Prison. Please order a review of her case, and with her freedom make this fragile old woman joyful and delighted by being able to visit her daughter at the end of her life.  I beseech the holy spirit of the faithful and the saints for a long life for you, honorable chairman, and other authorities.


Yours sincerely,


Shamsi Khadem