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[Personal information has been redacted.]


7 Tir 1366 [28 June 1987]


In the Name of God

Karaj – Rejaieshahr - Rejaieshahr Training Centre


Esteemed Deputy Prosecutor, Mr. Arab

With respect, I convey the following. I am your humble servant, Shamsi Khadem. I am 90 years old and my daughter, Molouk Khadem, has been imprisoned for some time, according to the background contained in the file. [She] is the only offspring I have who has been my helper—the old and weak person that I am—and has been taking care of every aspect of my life. Being away from her at the end of my life has caused me great anguish. Therefore, I humbly beseech your esteemed Deputy Prosecutor-ship [sic] to brighten my expectant eyes by releasing her and allowing me to see her in the last days of my life. In addition, although they have returned her vehicle, the ownership papers and documents for the vehicle were seized along with the books and are under confiscation by the relevant authorities. I am not able to use the car without those documents. I request that you order these documents to be delivered to this humble servant, a favour for which I would be infinitely grateful.


Praying for you; the fair-minded deputy prosecutor

Shamsi Khadem


Address—Tehran [redacted]