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[Personal information has been redacted.]


In His Name, the Exalted



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Interior

State Police

From: -----

To: -----

Re: -----

Telephone: -----

Number: -----

Date: -----

Enclosure: -----


[Address] [redacted]

14 Aban 1362 [5 November 1983]

In the Name of God

Yousef Abad Police Station

Respectfully, in response to the letter dated 3 Mordad 1362 [25 July 1983], concerning the arrest of my daughter, Molouk Khadem, after a great deal of investigation it became known that she was taken by the agents of the Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office and is now in Rajaei-Shahr Prison. This information is submitted to you for your information.

With gratitude,

Shamsi Khadem


[Handwritten note on the back of the page]


Mr. Bakhti