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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Shahrvand

[Date:] Friday, 17 Dey 1372 [7 January 1994]

[Issue No.:] 129

[Page:] 7


Mousavi Ardabili and Propagation of Baha’i Massacre in Iran

Tehran, Reuters: During the last Friday prayer sermon, Mousavi Ardabili—prior to his stroke—dedicated part of his Friday prayer sermon to Seyyed Ali Olama Baboli, who was one of the religious leaders of Iran a century ago.

Baboli who, in the presence of a group of Shi’as, during the commemoration of the marj’a taqlid [source of imitation] of the Shi’as of the time, when requested to become a marja’a taqlid [source of imitation] had said, “It happens that I do not read even a single page during the week, because what is important to me is to kill the Baha’is, and doing so will take all my time.”

Reuters adds, “ From 1979 to date, hundreds of Baha’is have been executed for their religious beliefs in Iran, and the human rights organizations have declared that, contrary to the claims of the Islamic Republic, these people were accused solely [because of] their religious belief.”