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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Shahrvand

[Date:] Friday, 28 January 1994

[Issue No.:] 132

[Page:] 34



From the letters of readers

With greetings to the staff and the writers of the weekly newspaper of Shahrvand

Generosity or Advertisement

I had a short talk with you about Dr. Mosallanejad, as a citizen and an Iranian who reads your newspaper every week.

According to the writings of Dr. Mosallanejad, in the last two weeks, especially on 21 Farvardin 1394 [10 April 2015], he has indirectly become the defence attorney of His Holiness the Bab and the Babi Sect. Every week, he fills five to six pages of the Shahrvand Newspaper with an imaginary apology and exciting advertisements, while we all know that the cost of each page of an advertisement in your newspaper is at least $400.00. It means that each week at least $200 is spent on his storytelling. Does the doctor pay this money from his own income? I do not think so, since I know him. Is the publication of these [newspaper] pages free of charge, or does someone else pay for them? In any case, the Iranian community living in Canada should know whether this newspaper is a propagandist of this sect, or not! Please publish this letter as it is, in neither large letters nor small. If this letter is not published, we will have to believe that what we are saying is true and we will have to inform all businesses in Toronto about some clever advertising.

Ali Azar – Toronto


From the letters of readers

The Honourable Dr. Mosallanejad,

With respect and greetings, I am writing this letter in appreciation of your pen and language, in appreciation of your awakened conscience and appreciation of the officials of Shahrvand Newspaper, and this is about an article you wrote about Baha’i compatriots. I eagerly referred to the Shahrvand Newspaper of this week to read the rest of your interesting article, but, with surprise and regret, I did not find it. I do not know what was the reason.

In any case, you may not believe it, but your legacy will remain! And not just because you spoke in favour of an oppressed group, but because you flipped through a page of history that will be flipped through sooner or later, you took the lead.

You know, thousands of Iranians of the current generation also know, and our children and the future generation will also know, [the truth]. The Baha’i compatriots will be treated with kindness and respect. I wish you success in telling the truth and awakening the dear Iranians.  You should know that, even though the people who are unfortunately still blinded by prejudice blame you, you can rest assured that there are many intelligent and fair people who, although they do not speak to you and write to you and their voices do not reach you, admire your honesty, humanity, pen and speech.


Saeed Khavari