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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Administrative Order of the Office of Personnel


Imperial Government of Iran


Form: (52-4) 32 ‘A, State Department for Administrative Affairs and Employment


  1. Ministry/Institute: Education
  2. Employee Number: [redacted]
  3. Name: Mrs./Mr.: Shahnaz
  4. Surname: Sahih
  5. Father: Mahmoud
  6. Identification number and place of issue: Identification number: [redacted], Place of issue: City: [redacted], Province/Governorate: [redacted]
  7. Place of birth: [redacted]
  8. Date of birth: 16 Mehr [redacted] [8 October]
  9. Highest academic achievement:

Certificate: Bachelor’s degree in nutrition

  1. Determined organizational position: High school teacher
  2. Class: Teaching and Cultural; Field of service: Teaching, Level: 1
  3. Group: 7
  4. Rank: 1
  5. Institution: Department of Education, Zone: [redacted]
  6. Area of Service: City [redacted], Province / Governorate: Fars
  7. Warrant: Paragraph E, Article 14, of State Civil Service Act.

Date: ----, Number: ----

  1. Type of Writ: Dismissal from Service
  2. Description of the Judgment: According to Act number 2374 M A of 5 Esfand 1357 [24 February 1979] of the Central Administration Office of the Ministry of Education regarding this communication, referring to paragraph E of Article 14 of the Public Service Employment Act, your service at the Education Department is terminated.
  3. Salaries, benefits and extras
  4. Salaries, benefits and extras stipulated in this judgment total an amount of (in letters) -----rial, which, after the legal deductions, is payable from the Trust --- Chapter --- Articles.
  5. Date of the execution of the judgement: Date of issuance of the judgement
  6. Date of issue and the number of the judgement, date: 20 Esfand 1957 [11 March 1979], number: 75089
  7. Name and surname of the responsible officer: Abu’l-Harari

Title of the determined organizational position: Director General of the Department of Education of Fars, signature [Signature]


Copy: Employee