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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance

Date: ---

Number: ---

Enclosure: ---


[Illegible] Severance compensation [pay] of Mrs.: Shahnaz Dibaie Oskoui, daughter of: Mohammad-Bagher, with Identification Card number: [redacted], Issued at [redacted], Born in [redacted] and her latest occupations: ----

In order to implement the Bill of the Purging and Purification of the Government Organizations from [illegible] the corrupt and unwanted elements, and replacing them with the faithful, truthful and evolutionary individuals, the existing certificates, documents and records of the above-mentioned person have been thoroughly examined and investigated, and after the exchange of views in this regard and by consideration of the general opinion of the employees…..

It is proven that the mentioned person has committed the following crimes:

  1. Membership of the perverse Baha’i sect
  2. ---
  3. ---
  4. ---
  5. ---
  6. ---
  7. ---
  8. ---

According to the vested authorises, based on the crimes committed and the fatwa of Ayatollah Khalkhali and other clerics, the Commission for the Purging and Purification of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance has decided to permanently dismiss her from [illegible]. Therefore it is announced that if, in the future, more documents are discovered which prove that the above-mentioned individual has committed more offences [illegible].

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