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Date: 135-----

Iranian Tobacco Company


In the Name of God

Mrs. Shahla Razi, typist for the [Iranian] Tobacco [Company] in Urmia region

According to the law, the officially [recognized] religions of the Islamic Republic are Islam, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, and Christianity.  Government employees must be followers of one of these religions; other religions and sects are not officially recognised.  Based on the information and reports of [illegible], you are a follower of the unofficial sect of Baha’ism.

Therefore, according to letter number 2/1445, of 3 Tir 1360 [24 June 1981] – and 11150 of 16 Mehr 1360 [8 October 1981] - the Office of the Governor General has started the procedure and issued an order for the suspension of your services.  [You are suspended] until such time as the order for your severance or dismissal, [currently in process,] has been issued.  Therefore, you are not allowed to enter into or work in this office, until such time as the necessary order has been issued and been communicated.

Should you recant your belief in Baha’ism, immediately inform us in writing, that we may notify the responsible authorities.


Director General



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Date: 30 Mehr 1360 [22 October 1981]