Shahin Dalvand

Born: 25 December 1957, Shiraz

Executed by hanging in Shiraz on 18th June 1983 


Shahin (Shirin) Dalvand was born into a Baha’i family.  From a young age, she was called Shirin by her family and friends.  She studied sociology at the University of Shiraz.  In 1979, while in her final year of university, her family moved to the United Kingdom.  She remained with her grandmother to complete her degree.  After graduating she chose not to leave Iran.

Shahin Dalvand was arrested on 29 November 1982 during a Baha’i youth meeting.  She and the others arrested were taken to the Sepah Detention Centre. Over a month later she was transferred to Adelabad prison. She was executed by hanging on 18 June 1983 in Chowgan-Square in Shiraz, together with nine other Baha’i women, Mona Mahmoudnejad, Nosrat Ghufrani Yaldaie, Ezzat-Janami Eshraghi, Roya Eshraghi, Tahereh Arjomandi Siyavushi, Zarrin Moghimi-Abyaneh, Akhtar Sabet, Simin Saberi and Mahshid Niroumand.  Their bodies were not returned to their families; they were possibly buried in the Baha’i cemetery of Shiraz by the authorities.


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