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In the Name of God

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology


National Educational Assessment and Evaluation Organization


Date: 19 Aban 1394 [10 November 2015]

Number: 1/ 62560

Enclosure: -----


Respected vice-president for academic affairs and assessment at the Karaj Agricultural College, Affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad

With greetings and respect!

This is to inform you that, according to the announcement of the Central Council for Student Placement regarding the lack of general requirement competency of candidate Shaghayegh Jafari Naimi, candidate number [redacted], admitted for the associate diploma in irrigation technology (code 11600) of that university in the national exam of 1394 [2015/2016], her acceptance is considered void. Therefore, please cancel her acceptance.

Mahmoud Reza Rahimian

Deputy for Educational Affairs




Esteemed Director General of the Central Council for Student Placement, referring to letter 4906 / HDM, dated 22 Mehr 1394 [14 October 2015] for information.

- Archive of documents of the organization.


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Irrigation technology