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[Adapted from website:] Shafaqna

[Date:] 30 Dey 1398 [20 January 2020]


Holding the First International Conference on 200 Years of Violence, Superstition And Sectarian Betrayal in Shiraz

Shafaqna – On 8 and 9 Esfand 1398 [27 and 28 February 2020], the Office of Islamic Propaganda of the Seminary of Qom and the University of Shiraz will hold the first international conference, “200 Years of Violence, Superstition and Sectarian Betrayal” at the Conference Centre of Shiraz University.

According to Shafaqna, the conference focuses on critiquing principles and teachings, contexts and factors, sources and documents, as well as contradictions, consequences and challenges, and the subject of articles in three sections: violence, superstition and betrayal, including “Baha’ism: Religion of Peace or Belief in Violence”, “Victims of Practical and Ideological Violence of Baha’ism,” “Betrayal of Baha’ism from the Perspective of the Insightful” “Consequences of Betrayal in the Messages of the House of Justice”, “Looting of Cultural Heritage by Baha’ism” and “Baha’ism’s Contradictions in Words and Action on Peace.”

Other topics presented for submitting articles are: “Typology of Violence in Baha’ism”, “Sociological Explorations of the Baha’i Superstition”, “Baha’ism’s Betrayal of Relationships and Interactions with Zionism”, “Baha’ism’s Betrayal in SAVAK Documents”, “Role of Baha’ism in the Defeat of Iranian Social Movements”, “The Contradiction of Baha’i Modernism with its Superstitious Approach” and “Baha’ism; Superstition in Principles and Etiquette”.

On the side-lines of the conference, an exhibition introducing and recognizing the perverse Baha’i sect will be held in an area of 500 square metres, and the guests of this conference will visit the latest violence, betrayals and superstitions of the perverse Baha’i sect during these two hundred years.