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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Shadegan- A Division of Association of Fadaiyan Iran- Shah –Yazd 

[Date:] Sunday 15 Mordad 1334 [7 August 1955]

[Number:] 10

Second edition 5-16

First year

Director A. M. Hadizadeh


Massacre in Sakhvid,

Arrival of Colonel Mojtabavi

Since there were many rumors about the murder in Sakhvid, the Director of this newspaper travelled in person to where the incident took place on 11 Mordad 1334 [3 August 1955]. Valuable information was collected and reported to the head office, but cannot be published at this point.

According to official sources this incident was instigated by Tavakoli, the village’s Alderman, and Jalali, the owner of Sakhvid village. As a result more than a thousand villagers attacked and killed six Baha’i men and one Baha’i woman at the Hormozak farm.

Colonel Mojtabavi, the Commander of Gendarmerie [Police Force] for the Tenth province and Yazd, together with Lieutenant Colonel Pakravan, accompanied by a large number of army trucks and armed and iron-clad Gendarmes, arrived in Yazd on 10 Mordad [2 August]. They immediately went to the scene of the incident. After concentrating the deployed forces in [illegible] village, they began the investigation and inspection of the scene of the incident. Present were: Mr. Yaseri, prosecutor, Colonel Towfigh, commander of Battalion, Major Rjabian, the company leader for Yazd and some of the army officials as well as Mr. Abol-Ghasem Hadizadeh this newspaper’s director. So far 36 [accused] persons have been arrested. The investigation for the rest of the fugitive [accused] will continue.

With the efforts of Colonel Mojtabavi and the Gendarmerie of Yazd [order and] calm has been restored and the people are very thankful for the efforts of the [officers].