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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Shabestan News Agency

[Date:] 1 Mehr 1391 [22 September 2012]


Lotus, the New Baha’i Temple

Hojatoleslam Mahmoud-Reza Ghasemi, a lecturer at Shahid Beheshti University and an expert on emerging mystics, regarding the activity and the concentration of Baha’is in other countries, told Shabestan, “The largest Baha’i population lives in India; [out of] about six million [Baha’is], two million live in India.”

He continued, “The density of Baha’is in India is such that they have a temple called Lotus in New Delhi and every year the prime minister of India attends their ceremonies.”

Hojatoleslam Ghasemi, regarding the absurd claims of this perverse sect, said, “Followers of the Baha’i sect claim to be the second [most widespread] religion in the world in terms of the number of followers; they claim that 170 nations of different races are involved in this sect. Many tribes may follow this sect, but their claim that there are many followers is baseless.”

Referring to the Baha’i teaching methods, the Beheshti University lecturer stated, “The House of Justice, based in Israel, is the centre of the Baha’is. This sect, with its centre in Israel, has several propaganda methods that it always uses to depict it as [worldwide] and in different languages; they also have extensive activities in the Persian language, including on Noveen TV. He cited cyberspace as one of the main methods of propaganda for Baha’is: “Baha’is have many websites and publish the content of their false [teachings] on the web under various pretexts; for example, they say that Shias have become Baha’is, and focus on this area. But the basis of their method is to focus on the challenging and controversial points of Islam, such as issues related to women, blood-money and prescribed punishment.”

Hojatoleslam Ghasemi stated, “The methods of propagating the Baha’i teachings in Iran are divided into several categories; although they cannot legally attend educational centres, they enter the field under the Zoroastrian belief. According to statistics, 500 Baha’i students have been identified so far in the field of students. Even the secret presence of one Baha’i student is a victory for them, but fortunately they did not have any success in this field and could not be effective.”

Regarding the Baha’i propaganda approach at the community level, he said, “They have committed themselves to working on their own behavior; that is, they believe that the Baha’is [need] to be moral and avoid lying, and with the same conventional approach and avoidance of this, various traits are found on the streets and everywhere, [as they try] to promote their perverse sect.”

The lecturer of Shahid Beheshti University emphasized, “The real number of Baha’is in Iran is less than 100,000, but they themselves claim that there are 600,000 people and in eight years they will become eight million people, which is no more than a claim.”