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[Adopted from website]: Population of Combat against Educational Discrimination (PCED)

[Date:] 9 February 2012 - 20 Bahman 1390


Expulsion of Seyyed Kian Hashemi, Student of Tehran University, by Order of Ministry of Intelligence

Population of Combat Against Educational Discrimination – Seyyed Kian Hashemi Dehaj, a student at Tehran University, was expelled from the university based on a direct order from the Ministry of Intelligence, due to “following the perverse Baha’i sect”.

According to the responsible authority at the Student Disciplinary Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education, this agricultural water engineering student, who is in his third semester, has been expelled from the university “by direct report and order of the higher authorities at the Ministry of Intelligence”. According to this official, “There is a law based on which Baha’is cannot continue their education.”

The expulsion of this student of Tehran University has been carried out based on the urgent, confidential letter of Reza Gholamalizadeh, the deputy director of the Student Disciplinary Council of Tehran University, to Dr. Ali Jafari, the academic deputy director of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Department. In this confidential letter it is ordered that, “Kian Hashemi Dehaj, a follower of “the perverse Baha’i sect” must be expelled “immediately”.

According to Kian Hashemi, the behaviour of the officials involved in his expulsion was accompanied by “insults to him and his religious beliefs.”

Based on the documents published by the Rights to Education Activists in the past years, the Ministry of Intelligence is the main culprit in expelling Baha’i students from universities by identifying Baha’i students and putting pressure on the Ministry of Higher Education and the Assessment Organization.

In the past months of 1390 [2011-12], other students have been expelled for the same reason from Sharif University of Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Isfahan University of Technology and some other universities.


[Confidential letter regarding the expulsion of Kian Hashemi]

In the name of God

I advise you to fear God and know your command - Imam Ali



Deputy of Student and Cultural Affairs

Student Disciplinary Council

Number: 1945/M

Date: 27 Dey 1390 [17 January 2012]

Enclosure: -----


Honourable Vice-president for Academic Affairs of the University

With greetings and respect,

A copy of letter number KM- 44 -189502 of 26 Azar 1390 [17 December 2011] of the central disciplinary council of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology, in relation to the cancellation of the university admission of Mr. Kian Hashemi Dehaj (a follower of the perverse Baha’i sect, a student in the Department of Agriculture) is enclosed, sent for notification and action.

Please issue an order so that the result is immediately announced to the relevant authorities at the Council’s Secretariat.


Wishing you divine success

Cultural Deputy and Secretary of the Student Disciplinary Appeals Council of the University



Copy: Esteemed president of the university, for information

-Esteemed secretary of the Student Central Disciplinary Council of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Technology, in reference to the above-mentioned letter, for information

-Esteemed dean of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, for information and necessary action

-Esteemed advisor of the president and director general of university security, for information and necessary action


[Address on the margin of the page]

Tehran [illegible]

[Stamp:] Confidential


[Handwritten note on top of the age:]

11 Bahman 1390 [31 January 2012]

[Signature] The image of the letter was received


[Handwritten note at the bottom of page]

In the name of God

Dr. Ali Jafari

For necessary action



In the name of God

Dr. Khanian

With greetings

You are instructed to act and to report the result of the actions to the student vice chancellor and the department dean.



[Handwritten number and date at the bottom of the page]


5 Bahman 1390 [25 January 2012]