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Islamic Republic of Iran


Date: 8 Mordad 1362 [30 July 1983]

Number: 1241

Enclosure: ----


In the Name of God the Compassionate, the Merciful

Decision number: 124

Date: 8 Mordad 1362 [30 July 1983]

Office of Investigation of Preliminary Commission for the Restructuring of Human Resources of the Ministry of Oil

Type of charge: Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect

[Illegible] of accusation of Mr: Seyyed Jafar,

Surname: Seyyedjafari

Son of: Seyyed Nematollah

Born: [redacted]

Identification number: [redacted]

Issued from: [redacted]

Organizational position: Fire-fighting expert

Work record: [illegible] years ---

Place of work: [redacted]

Organizational number of employee: [redacted]

Education: Fifth year of high school,

Marital status: ---

Was investigated by the Commission.


The Commission, according to the evidence, announced its decision in the meeting of 8 Mordad 1362 [30 July 1983] as follows:


Commission’s decision:

As per the stipulated contents of the file and the report of the investigating group X, confession of the accused X, defences of the accused X, and taking into consideration other conditions and circumstantial evidence instructed for this case, the charge against the accused appears clear and evident by this Commission and the offence of the named accused corresponds with:

  1. Membership in the perverse Baha’i sect, the matter of paragraph 8 of Article 29 of the Human Resources Restructuring Act Applicable to Government Ministries and Affiliated Organizations, approved on 5 Mehr [illegible] [28 September], by which, according to paragraph 11 of Article 20 of the mentioned law, he is condemned to be dismissed from government services and affiliated organizations. This order is pursuant to Section 46 of the aforementioned Act, and is appealable within 15 days from its service upon the accused (whether permanent or temporary) at the Review Office.


Primary Council:

On behalf of Primary Council number one of Tehran

[Signature] [Stamp illegible]