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In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

We, the longstanding employees of Pepsi Cola Company, with years of recorded service, are believers in God, the Prophet of God (peace be upon Him) and the Holy Imams. We testify that in 1342 [1963], Mr. Yousef Sobhani was involved in no interference during the struggle of the military with the people.

What Mr. Lashgary has put in his statement is soiled with personal motive. During the above-mentioned year, Mr. Lashgary was not involved [in any way whatsoever] with the business of [the Pepsi Cola] factory, and [his] statement is totally devoid of truth, due to his absence and his engagement with other activities. He prepared a description with the [forged] signature of Ramazan-Ali Hatami, and presented it to the Court. Besides, according to the information acquired, Ramazan-Ali Hatami is illiterate and has no knowledge of the contents of the mentioned description [letter]. On the other hand, Mr. Lashgary has always tried to incite the children of Ramazan-Ali Hatami and the person of Ramazan-Ali Hatami, so that his personal motives [would] be approved by the Court.

Therefore, before the truth and before God, we testify that Mr. Yosef Sobhani has [certainly] not committed the crime of murder, as we have been completely informed of this matter and the course of this event.


Gholam-Hosein [Illegible]


Nematollah Mahmoudy


Ali [Illegible]


Ali-Akbar [Illegible]



[Handwritten note, number and date at bottom of the page]: Central Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic Number: 10/10177 Date: 6 Khordad 1359 [27 May 1980]