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[Newspaper:] Setareh Eslam

[Date:] 23 Ordibehesht 1344 [13 May 1965]

[Issue No.:] 168


How was the order given to close and occupy the kennel of corruption and espionage of the Baha’is?

Arrest of Baha’is at the border of Turkey and the documents obtained from them.

Broadcasting business advertisement on radios in Asia and Europe and obtained documents.

Getting to know the directors

Since seven years ago, when the newspaper of Setareh Eslam was published, we have continuously and non-stop written news and articles about the spies, the centre of corruption and the espionage of Baha’is, and requested the governments of the time to close their institutions’ machineries. Unfortunately, the governments of the time, which were surrounded by the Baha’i spies, were not paying attention to the opinions of the public until recently, when the leader of the Shi’a world, the Honourable Ayatollah Borujerdi, sent a few of the clerics of the centre of spirituality, Qom, to Tehran.

The representatives sent on behalf of the centre of spirituality by the Honourable Ayatollah Behbahani were received by His Majesty, and requested that the kennel of corruption of the Baha’is to be closed.

His Imperial Majesty, who, during the 14 years of his sovereignty, has always followed the public opinion of the people of Iran and has special affection for Ayatollah Behbahani

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