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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Setareh Eslam

[Date:] 24 Tir 1334 [16 July 1955]

[Issue No.:] 177


Why Help Baha’is Who Are Religion-Fabricators and Spies?

Our Muslim nation says that this perverted sect, like termites, is eating the foundation of Iran’s independence.

The Question By Mr. Safaei and the Answer By the Minister of Interior

For several months now, there has been talk of a heretical sect that has nothing to do but [engage in] betrayal, hypocrisy, and espionage. And the high position of the clergy, in the name of the holy religion of Islam, has been paying attention.

The emperor wants this group of [illegible] to be blown up. The Muslim nation of Iran wants to close the demagoguery business of this sect.

The members of parliament, with a theoretical unity, say that the business of saboteurs should be closed.

We insert one of the delegates’ questions below.

Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Safaei has asked the government the following:

[Safaei:] I would like to ask the Interior Ministry some questions about the Baha’is. I ask these questions, even though they promised in a private meeting to stop the activities of the Baha’is and to put an end to their harmful propaganda. What has been done? Also, what action has been taken, so far, with regard to the expulsion of dissidents from government employment and those whose records state that their religion is Baha’i?

This was a summary of the desire of the clergy and the king of the country and the representatives of the nation about pounding the nest of corruption and expelling the traitors of this country and homeland, but the Muslim and fanatical people of Iran, who follow the true sect of Twelver Jafari―and every now and then ask God Almighty to bring the day of Faraj of the Muslim people, that is, the advent of the Imam of the Time (AS)―are upset that this heretical sect is not being pursued. There is not a day that tens or even hundreds of letters do not reach this newspaper about the religious demands of the Muslim nation of Iran. People say, “Why is the group whose betrayal is certain, according to the obtained evidences forgiven??”

People say they have underestimated the basis of family honour according to their worthless writings, and they believe that all women are lawful to their fathers!! Should this anarchist group still be given a chance and [their sins] neglected??

People believe that no one, in any position, has the right to be kind to the spies, atheists and non-religious people, and the slightest help to them is an indisputable crime, and that is enough…

The minister of interior said in a public session of the parliament:

[Minister of interior:] The esteemed representative, Mr. Safaei, asked a question that I thought the National Consultative Assembly, with the actions taken by the government to address the issue, had considered a closed matter. Now, my request to the National Assembly is that you leave the investigation of this issue exclusively to the government.

[Representatives:] It is correct – It is correct.

[Minister of interior:] However, I wanted to ask the National Assembly again to leave it to the government to calmly continue the legal action. But for the sake of the gentleman, I can say that the government, as it has previously presented to the parliament, strictly prohibits any propaganda that is against the constitution in accordance with its legal duty, and certainly the Baha’i propaganda is no exception to this rule.

[Representatives:] Excellent, Excellent

[Shahrokh Shahi:] So why did they repair the house of Seyyed Ali Mohammad, the Bab in Shiraz?

[Minister of interior:] They have informed you erroneously, and I explicitly state that all the propaganda centres that are recognized as [acting] against the religion and the constitution have been stopped everywhere.

[Representatives:] Excellent.

[Minister of interior:] However, the duties of employees who are depraved and pretend to be against the religion, have been determined in accordance with Articles 2 and 8 of the National Employment Act, approved on 22 Azar 1302 [14 December 1923] and Articles 1 and 5 of the Law on Employment of Judges, approved on 25 Esfand 1306 [16 March 1928], which, of course, has been considered and acted upon by this government, and will be in the future.

[Representatives:] Excellent.

[Minister of interior:] But the point I want to make to the National Consultative Assembly is that taking any action in particular, especially in the first place, requires maintaining order and calm.

[Representatives:] It is correct.

[Minister of interior:] For this reason, the law enforcement officers, and other state officials have been issued explicit and strict orders to strictly refrain from any kind of disorderly conduct and actions that in any way cause public disturbance. In particular, we have ordered the perpetrators to be punished from any category.

[Safaei:] Do not punish a Muslim instead of a Baha’i 

[Minister of interior:] No, no, there will be no such thing. But establishing order and peace in the country and ensuring the well-being of the people is the first and greatest duty of the government.

[Representatives:] It is correct.

[Minister of interior:] And we cannot show the slightest disregard in this matter. Therefore, I am sure that if the government deems it necessary to take measures to maintain order and calm in some matters and in some cases, it will be approved and supported by the National Consultative Assembly.

[Representatives:] It is correct.

This was a summary of the demands of the people and the questions and answers of the representatives of the parliament about the dirty sect that, like termites, is chewing the foundations of Iran’s independence.

Setareh Eslam – The Muslim nation of Iran is well aware that the staff of this newspaper has fought the hardest fight against this dirty sect since the beginning of its service and will follow this divine battle to the last drop of its blood.