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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Setareh-e Eslam

[Date:] 20 Khordad 1334 [11 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 172


For the Attention of the Honourable Hojjatol-Islams, Members of the Government and the Head of the Army: “Destruction of Haziratu’l-Quds Is Not Enough. Destroy the Departments that are the Cradles of Corruption”

Djalili, the financial manager of the [Iranian] Railway, has [afflicted] the Muslims in this organization.

The notes in our editorial last week referred to Djalili, the financial manager of the railway, with his assistants and supporters—or as he calls them, “the Ahbab” [the friends] —who have deeply infiltrated the financial and administrative pillars of the railway, which, cutting off this corrupt gland, requires prolonged time and effort.

The organizations of this perverse sect are so terrifying and frightening that even the smallest sensitive jobs are in their powerful hands, and whoever would venture to breathe or to protest against the anti-religious activities of this detested, deviant and oppressive sect would be deprived of the government service by a two-line written order or through a made-up case and intimidation by the law enforcement agents, and would be compelled to leave the service arena.

This network is so expert in fulfilling its duty that they are not afraid nor hesitant to allure the renowned personalities who take advantage of every opportunity.

We are informed that, last week, one of the law enforcement authorities of the railway, following his own belief and at the instructions of Djalili, tried to get the support of a number of wicked individuals, and has organized meetings in which even one of the regional managers of Tehran’s railway has participated. It is said that they have greased the palms of a few people and promises have been made in order to obstruct the path of our holy jihad, while these enemies of the religion are unmindful that we are walking in the path of God and the truth. What encourages us in this combat is the voice of our conscience and the teachings of Islam, which considers jihad against the ungodly as imperative and obligatory. As long as we are alive, we will not allow National Iranian Railway’s budget of a hundred million tumans to be handed over to someone whom Shoghi Effendi has directly sent tablets to, and does not hesitate to take any action to misguide the young Muslims of this country.


We are surprised that, although the government and the highest religious authorities have determinedly taken the decision to subjugate and banish these anti-religious elements, at the passing of every day in the National Iranian Railways, the loss of faith [spreads] and the involvement of anti-religious elements in financial and administrative matters becomes more acceptable, and even the Majlis [parliament] does not pay attention to such matters.

They do not even realize that the faithful Muslims are looking at and have focused their attention on the activities of their co-religionist potentates and expect that they will remedy their [oversight], and they are watchful [for the time] when the cradle of the corruption and Baha’ism in the railway will be annihilated.

The employees of the National Iranian Railways are rightfully hurt by the lack of attention of the authorities, because today the person at the top and in charge of the Ministry of Roads and Transportation is an Army officer who himself is of Muslim descent, whose [source of] pride is defending the country from the internal and external enemies, and protecting the religion and ideology of the Muslims.

If attention is not paid to the demands of the Muslims, the result will be that the irreligious and deviant, misled elements will become more persistent [in trying] to achieve their ungodly goals and more prepared for misleading the youth of the country, and will take advantage of any opportunity to advance their perverse ideologies.

These ungodly, disgraced people make statements amongst the staff of the railway like, “His Honour the Minister is also one of the ‘Ahbab’ [friends]; therefore he is totally divested of the power of taking any action against this sect.”

It is unfortunate and regrettable for us to allow such rumours to be circulated and no decision be taken in this regard.