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From: Army Staff Division 6 Mashhad - Adjutancy Office

Number: 20260/130 - 12 Aban 1344 [3 November 1965]

Subject: Staff Sergeant Mohandes [Engineer] Ezzatollah Faghan


With reference to letters number 2368/124, [dated] 15 Mehr 1344 [7 October 1965], and 2398/126 - 3 Aban 1344 [25 October 1965], the circumstances have been reported to Division Headquarters. They indicated that if the request of the above-mentioned ranking officer is to see him in person and is related to his promotion, as he is a Baha’i, nothing can be done regarding his promotion.

On behalf of Chief of Army Staff Division 6 of Mashhad - Army Staff Colonel Daryaie

Colonel Ebadi